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The Wahsega SIP Alerter works alongside Wahsega's impressive family of products and is available now.

Wahsega SIP Alerter Information:

The Wahsega SIP Alerter works alongside Wahsega’s impressive IP Speaker family of products and is available now. The SIP Alerter is a surface mounted IP speaker with panic button and horn speaker capabilities.

Wahsega SIP Alerter Overview:

The Wahsega SIP Alerter is a compact, surface-mounted IP speaker for classrooms that is powered by using Power over Ethernet (PoE). It is the ideal choice when broadcasting announcements and/or alerts from the school or business public address system. By integrating VoIP technology and a built-in microphone, this affordable, top of the line speaker can be used as a two-way SIP intercom.

The Wahsega SIP Alerter has the ability to use its own internal speaker or it can be used to route and power audio through a different analog speaker. It can also be send transmissions by using a line out to an amplifier. With numerous levels of priority available for RTP multicast streams, priority pages that are deemed more important are able to interrupt pages there aren’t as pressing.

The Wahsega SIP Alerter features an input for an outside, remote panic button. It has been provisioned so that a quick press of the button rings a preconfigured number like an office or specific room, while a sustained press-and-hold of the button will place a call to a different, preconfigured emergency number.

Each Wahsega SIP Alerter also features an onboard relay, which allows for unified control of locking classroom doors or other abilities like a strobe light for emergency lockdown situations.

Programming the Wahsega SIP Alerter is easy. LED feedback on the unit lets installers know when their system is ready to go. Auto-configuration solutions for both option 66 and option 150 are included in the firmware for fast and efficient system initialization and maintenance.

With easy installation and programming, advanced functionality and reduced labor and installation costs, the Wahsega SIP Alerter is the perfect solution for any educational or administrative situation.

Wahsega SIP Alerter Features:

  • Easy surface-mount installation
  • SIP compliance with peer-to-peer functionality
  • Noise suppression
  • Full duplex audio with Acoustic Echo Cancellation
  • Multicast audio paging
  • Completely configurable via web pages
  • Side and top raceway knockouts
  • LED integrated status
  • Microphone integration
  • Industry leader in low standby power
  • PoE 802.3af enabled (Power over Ethernet)
  • Web based volume control for mic and speaker
  • On-board relay for door control
  • Option 66 and option 150 auto-configuration
  • Ability to drive internal/external speaker or line out to amplifier
  • Panic button input

Wahsega Labs Part Number: WL-SPKR-ALT-SIP

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