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1 Switchvox Virtual Subscription for 1 User

Switchvox Virtual Subscription for 1 User Information:


This Switchvox Virtual Subscription is intended for 1 user.


Switchvox Virtual Subscription for 1 User Overview:


Virtualize your phone system with Switchvox Virtualization! Fueled by VMware’s disaster recovery abilities and scalability, Switchvox support for VMware gets rid of the non-necessities for a dedicated appliance and provides small to medium size businesses with a solid telephone system that meets all needs at a fraction of the price.


By simply virtualizing your Switchvox, you are freed from strict hardware requirements and specifications. VMware gives users the option to adjust system resources as you go. The end result is a phenomenal phone system that grows with you and your business as well as giving you the performance you have come to expect from your communications.


It's no secret that downtime costs money. Switchvox Virtualization is the key to ensuring that unnecessary downtime is destroyed. By using VMware’s disaster recovery tools, high availability is possible with Switchvox, letting you and your company stay connected to customers constantly.


Switchvox support for VMware gives you the control that you need to take advantage of your existing virtual environment, and get rid of the need for costly, dedicated voice appliances. Fewer appliances significantly reduce maintenance and power costs.


Switchvox Part Number: 1SWXVSUB1


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