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1 Switchvox User for Expired or Legacy Support Level Systems:

Switchvox has made its Silver Subscription a legacy item as of 8/1/2017. You can now purchase added users for the system by ordering part number 1SWXOOSS1U.

This Digium SKU enables one extension in any Legacy Switchvox system. Once ordered, .e4 will require the first four charecters of your Switchvox registration code. These orders can be discounted simply by creating an account on our site  -  once logged in yor discount for 1SWXOOSS1U will appear.

1SWXOOSS1U Features:

  • Unlock Switchvox extension on any legacy or expired Switchvox system
  • Ability to extend extension count on Switchvox 

Still not sure which Switchvox product is right for you? Click Here For Live Assistance!  You can also call us toll free at 877.434-8647- Our online team of experts will be happy to create a custom quote for you.

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