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PBXact UC 60

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  1. $995.00

    The Sangoma PBXact UC System 60 supports 60 user extensions and 30 simultaneous calls. It comes fully loaded with FreePBX software.
  2. $199.00

    3 year extended warranty for PBXact 60.
  3. $75.00

    1 year of support for the PBXact 60 system.

  4. $375.00

    PBXact UC Gold POMPs for UC 60
  5. $499.00

    PBXact UC Platinum POMPs for UC 60
  6. $498.00

    The PBXact UC Call Center for UC 60 lets users take their contact center to the next level. This bundle is bursting at the seams with a number of advanced reporting tools like QXact Reports, Call Recording Reports, and more!
  7. $179.00

    Support for connecting 3rd party Phones for PBXact 60 systems.

  8. $150.00

    The PBXact UC XactView for UC 60 module gives users a GUI that is simple to use. The GUI is used to edit the XactView settings on your PBX system. XactView is a desktop application that lets users interact with their telephone system.
  9. $695.00

    *Note, this product is for warm spare setup only, it cannot be used for HA.

    Sangoma PBXact 60 Appliance for Warm Spare setup. In this configuration this system will support up to 60 user extensions. This system comes with the PBXact software installed and all software licenses will pull from the Master PBXact 60 system including user licenses. This system can only be used in a warm spare setup with a full PBXact 60 system 

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9 Item(s)