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Asterisk Support

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    The Asterisk Appliance (AA50) is a standalone embedded Asterisk-based PBX targeted for small to medium businesses (2-50 users), remote branch offices of larger organizations (2-50 users per site), and managed service providers for on-premise CPE-based solutions with SIP or IAX trunking. The AA50 also offers a hybrid solution alternative (a combination of VoIP applications using legacy telecom equipment) for enterprise customers who are not yet ready to migrate to a complete VoIP solution. Note: Initial units will be shipped with VoIP solution only. The Asterisk Appliance 50 features the commercially licensed Asterisk Business Edition™ software, as well as the first Digium developed AsteriskGUI. The AsteriskGUI was created to make the configuration, management, and fine tuning of your Asterisk system less complicated by providing an easy to use graphical interface. The AsteriskGUI is different from most interfaces that have been created for use with Asterisk, because the interface actually manipulates the Asterisk configuration files; meaning changes in each are reflected in the other in real time.
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    Digium, the leader in open source telephony, announces Asterisk Business Edition, a professional-grade version of its acclaimed open source PBX for the Linux operating system. This version provides tested reliability of critical functions and features, tailored for small- and medium-sized business applications. An all-new Asterisk technical manual and quick-start documentation supplements the package, making Asterisk even easier to install, configure, and use. Asterisk Business Edition is backed by Digium's professional support team with a full one year limited warranty. This provides enterprise environments with a PBX and telephony platform suitable for critical business applications.
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    Asterisk Based System Support - Centurion Level 1 Hour Information:

    Ordering this product after .e4's normal business hours (M-F 9AM-7PM EASTERN) will trigger our emergency response system. Centurion customers can expect a call back within 15 minutes. There are no guarantees that .e4 will be able to fix the issue within 1 hour.
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    Skype for Asterisk was developed by Digium in cooperation with Skype. It includes proprietary software from Skype that allows Asterisk to join the Skype network as a native client.

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