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e4 Managed Switchvox Support Policy

.e4 Support for Switchvox is simple, predictable, and the most comprehensive support policy available.

.e4's annual Switchvox Support helps drive your business success. .e4's industry-leading phone and email support covers your PBX, phones, and networking gear. It puts you in control of your upgrade strategy so you can enjoy continued peace of mind, knowing that no matter which Switchvox release you're running, .e4 will be there to support your business.

All Switchvox Systems provided by .e4 Technologies include one (1) Year of phone, email, and live chat support. Additional Support can be purchased at the time of system acquisition or at any time during the product life cycle. .e4 Support is provided in addition to the Direct from Digium support Subscriptions. 

.e4’s Value Add:

Upon acquisition of your Switchvox PBX you will be contacted by your dedicated account representative.  An assigned account representative acts as the inside coordinator for your subscriptions, interfacing your team with the .e4 technical support and engineering group. With one person who knows your system (or cluster, or worldwide network) you get faster, better service.

Your assigned account representative will schedule a roster meeting where .e4’s engineering and support team will discuss your company’s unique requirement. It is at this point that .e4 will work to document your setup and outline the project time line and installation date. 

All equipment is pre-configure then delivered on at a predetermined date. A cut over conference will be conducted upon delivery at which time .e4 will work with the customer to deploy their Switchvox solution.

Support Features:

  • Turnkey Configuration- Includes Switchvox IP PBX, IP Phones, and Networking hardware. 
  • IP Phone Provisioning- Configuration Files are generated then provided to the customer for on site hosting. As an option .e4 will host configuration files on our secure provisioning server at no additional cost for the term of our support obligation. If additional phones are purchased .e4 will pre-provision the device.
  • Admin Training- .e4 Provides a 3 Hour Walk through of the administrative features of Switchvox. This training is scheduled in advance and is designed to deliver a better understanding of Switchvox best practices while teaching admins to perform basic features.
  • Remote Technical Assistance on demand- .e4 will provide assistance and answer questions related to installation, configuration, and basic troubleshooting of your Switchvox PBX. Technical Assistance on demand does not include Engineering Support. Engineering Support will be performed at a per determined time.Remote technical assistance is provided from 9am until 7pm in the U.S. Easter Time Zone, Monday through Friday, except for National Holidays.
  • Upgrades and Updates- Updates and/or enhancements to Switchvox IP PBX Software are provided to customers under current direct from Digium software maintenance.
  • Advanced hardware Replacement– Should .e4’s Support Team determine that your any of your Switchvox PBX hardware is faulty, .e4 will provide our customers with advanced hardware replacement.

Digium's added layer:

All Switchvox Systems are backed by Digium's Annual support subscription.

Switchvox Subscriptions include 2 things:

  • Technical Support- Subscriptions are available in 3 levels that dictate the level of technical support service you will have access to- Silver, Gold, and Platinum.
  • User Extension License Subscriptions at all levels (Silver, Gold, & Platinum) also make it possible for you to add extensions to your Switchvox. Therefore you will need a Subscription at the level of your choice for each user or extension on the system.

Switchvox Software Maintenance:

Switchvox Software Maintenance is not sold per user as Switchvox Subscriptions are, but per Switchvox system and provides updates to the Switchvox. These updates include:

  • bug fixes
  • minor point-code
  • major releases


A customer who purchased Switchvox SMB version 3.0 with 1 year of Software Maintenance is entitled to any point code releases (3.5, 3.6) or any major releases (4.0) which occur within 12 months of the customer's original activation of the product.

A new installation of Switchvox may not be purchased without both a minimum of 10 Silver Subscriptions and software maintenance for 1 year.

Subscription services for each installation of Switchvox are provided for one year from the date of activation, not to exceed 90 days from the date of shipment/delivery by .e4 to a customer.

Support Overview:

Subscription Type
Gold Platinum
User License (Digium)
Business Hours Email Support (.e4 & Digium)
Yes Yes Yes
Business Hours Live Chat Support (.e4) Yes Yes Yes
Business Hours Phone Support (.e4 & Digium) *Yes/NO
Yes Yes
After Hours Phone and Email Support (Digium)


* .e4 Provides Phone Support on a first come first served basis to all Silver support Customers.

**Platinum Subscriptions include five (5) out of business hours support incidents. per year. Any additional support incidents beyond 5 within a one year period will result in a $200.00 per incident charge. .e4 Provides this service for $175 per hour.

**.e4 After Hours Email Support is considered best effort. .e4’s Sales, Support, and Engineering are often available by email, however, free after hours email support is not guaranteed. If you would like to guarantee .e4's availability after hours it is recomended that you purchase our Centurion support package.