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Digium Card Accessories

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  1. $209.00

    The RJ11 Breakout Panel (Rack Mount) is the Standard Breakout Patch Panel bundled with Amp Cable is compatible with all Digium TDM2400 Series models.
  2. $230.00

    The Digium 2400P Rack Mount Breakout Box is a 19 inch 1U, rack mountable patch panel featuring a 50-pin male connector and its 24 female RJ-11 connectors are wired with two conductors for single line operation.
  3. $75.00

    Digium 1PWR2401BLF Singal External PSU

     Also available is the Digium 1PWR2402BLF Dual External PSU

  4. $100.00

    Digium 1PWR2402BLF External PSU

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