Digium Switchvox 6.7 Released

Digium has released version 6.7 of their popular Switchvox software. Enhancements include higher maximum phone counts for the Digium Switchvox E540 appliance (up to 1000), E520 and e530 servers. Additional enhancements include updates to the contacts applications which make it easier to use and also eliminates the need for tagging.  Digium has also introduced a “quick dial switchboard widget” that enables users to mix and match contacts that are inside and outside the PBX network while creating the ability to quick transfer calls without first placing them on hold.

Digium Switchvox

Switchvox 6.7 Features:

Switchvox 6.7 Release Notes

  • Increased phone count for the E540 appliance or VMware (1000 extensions)
  • Increased phone counts for the E520 appliance (400 Extensions)
  • Increased phone counts for the E530 appliances  (700 Extensions)
  • Enhanced contacts app that eliminates the need for tagging and is more user friendly
  • New Quick Dial Switchboard widget for mixing internal and external contacts.
    • Enabling easier transfers with no hold required

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