SMS Notification of ticket creation with .e4 and Zendesk

It should be mentioned that .e4 has no affiliation with Zendesk. We’re just a happy customer using the better than free version ($20/Year) of their ticketing system. It should also be mentioned that Zendesk donates all of the cash generated by starter accounts to charity which is a nice plus. So far we’re extremely happy with the service so happy in fact that we can’t even remember the name of the service we used to use and I’m not joking about that.

Setting up an .e4SIP account:

Go to – Click the big green button to setup an account. You will need to have a paid account to send text messages. If you are interested in testing out the SIP side of what you can do that for free however, you will need to have a DID on the account ($1) to send and receive SMS and all SMS messages will cost $.01

Get verified:

Once you’ve clicked the button and entered your details an email is dispatched from our app. It will require that you confirm your existence with a text message, once you’ve done that you can proceed to the tos and agree to the terms of the service.

Fund account:

.e4’s service is easy to use and wont break the bank. You can get started with our service for as little as $5.

Grab a phone number:

Once logged in and funded you will want to navigate to the DID (Direct Inward Dial) tab. From there you can buy and deploy a phone number that will be used to send and receive text messages. Simply pick one in your area code and narrow it down by selecting the correct NXX for your city or region.

Enable SMS:

SMS is a service that cost $.01 per message. In order to utilize this feature you will have to enable it. To do this navigate to the settings tab, select the short message service (SMS) menu and the “on” slider. You’re ready to SMS enable your Zendesk account.

Grab your API key:

Each account automatically receives their own unique api key which is based upon your authentication credentials and randomly generated data for additional security. You can retrieve your api key by going to the following url:

Once you obtained your api key you will need to determine which API call best suites the way you would like to set up your messaging from Zendesk. There are two options – Group SMS and SMS – Please review each here, our example will focus on group messaging.

Construct and test your request:

The .e4SIP API RESTful get request looks like this…[destination_number]-[dst_#2]-[dst_#3]/[caller_number]/[message]/[api_key]/

Please remember that this request is a single line with no spaces. It’s very important that you don’t forget the the trailing slash < I made this RED above so that you don’t forget.

Request Explained:

Property Description
[destination_number] Multiple Destination Numbers in NPANXXXXXX format and separated by a dash
[caller_number] .e4 Phone Number (DID) in NPANXXXXXX format
[message] URL Encoded plain text SMS message – Max length 160 characters
[api_key] Your API Key

Now that you understand how to construct a request you can test this by simply pasting your request in to the address bar of your favorite browser. Hit enter – Did your destinations receive the message? If so – Simply reply to the message from your mobile. All SMS reply messages are sent to the main account email of your .e4 SIP account. You can reply to these SMS messages from your email by simply replying via email to the message. We think this is pretty neat and hope you will to : ).

Setting up Zendesk:

Everyone loves Zendesk, but you can’t send a text message without some additional integration- this is where .e4 comes in. Our flexible SMS API allows Zendesk users to send and receive SMS message with a simple RESTful interface. Zendesk is kind enough to allow you to send information to third party apps using the “Extensions/Targets” feature of their application.

Setting up the target:

Once you’ve logged in your Zendsek account you will need to navigate to the “New Zendesk” by selecting the link on the top right – From there you’ll need to access the settings section of the website by clicking the gear icon located on the bottom right side of the Zendesk portal.Once you’ve entered the settings section you will need to…

  1. Click the “Extensions” link located at the bottom right.
  2. Click the “Targets” tab
  3. Click the “Add Target” link

Please note…  Zendesk doesn’t currently have a specific target setup for our service. For now we can only assume that this is temporary and hope that they approve of this app and add our service to the predefined target applications section. Don’t worry though, they had the foresight to include a section that’s usable.

4.  Click the http:// URL target in the right column

Enter the information below:

Here’s the request we used. Disregard the phone numbers – You’ll need to replace them with your agent’s mobile number and .e4SIP DID.{{ticket.requester}}—{{ticket.title}}/sdfsdfsdssdfsdfsdfsdfs/

The request above sends a text to 3 agents with the ticket requester’s name and the ticket title. It’s that easy!


There are many ways to use .e4SIP and SMS with Zendesk. My example will use the default settings of your Zendesk account.

  1. Click the gear again
  2. Click Triggers
  3. Edit the “Notify all agents of received request”
  4. Scroll down click the + sign to add an action

Setup your trigger as follows:

You’re almost done. Simply create a new ticket with no assigned agent to test!


Introducing Sangoma PBXcelerate

Sangoma is set to offer an all-in-one pre-built PBX appliance designed to host popular open source software PBX solutions. This new offering takes full advantage of Sangoma’s tried and true telephony board line and offers a quicker point of entry for those looking to deliver something that looks like a phone system and comes preloaded with your favorite PBX software.

Sangoma PBXcelerate:

That PBXcelerate appliances are ready to be customized with your favorite PBX solution.  It is built from the same business class solutions that Sangoma is known for. The field-tested hardware lives up to Sangoma’s reputation for quality and borrows the look from their already.

PBXcelerate front view:

PBXcelerate back view:

Base Models:

Sangoma’s initial offering will provide 3 points of entry for those looking to leverage SIP, analog, or PRI configurations.

PBXcelerate PBXE-SIP-0100

  • MSRP $1,195.00
  • SIP Only
  • Up to 100 Users
  • Up to 30 Calls

PBXcelerate PBXE-TDM-A0401

  • MSRP $1,745.00
  • Analog
  • 4 FXO + 1 FXS
  • Up to 100 Users
  • Up to 30 Calls

PBXcelerate PBXE-TDM-D01A0401

  • MSRP $2,195.00
  • Digital + Analog
  • 1 T1/E1 + 4 FXO + 1 FXS
  • Up to 100 Users
  • Up to 30 Calls

.e4 is a certified distributor of the Sangoma PBXcelerate product. Resellers seeking discounted pricing or branding options should contact our sales department at 877.434.8647.

Digium Intros D45 Entry Level Gigabit Phone

Digium has been busy, there’s no denying that- Earlier this year they announced a VoIP phone rental program to enhance their cloud services and deliver their newish line of SIP endpoints and today has announced the latest device in this line-up.

Enter the Digium D45:

The D45 shares a nearly identical feature-set with it’s 10/100 counterpart the Digium D40 with one exception. This 2-Line SIP end-point has dual gigabit Ethernet ports for customers and networks that demand a bit more oomph in terms throughput.

Digium D45 Stats:

  • G.722 HDvoice
  • Dual Gige Ports
  • 3.5 inch, 240 x 120 pixel back-lit gray-scale LCD display
  • 2 line appearance keys
  • 4 feature keys
  • 4 context sensitive soft keys
  • 6-key navigation controller
  • Headset, speaker, and mute keys
  • 2-color LED Message Waiting indicator
  • Volume control
  • RJ-9 handset jack
  • RJ-9 headset jack
  • 2 switched 10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet ports
  • 802.3at with 802.3af compatibility Power over Ethernet (PoE)
  • 5 volt DC power port

The D45 supports plug and play provisioning with Switchvox and includes features like voicemail MWI, call log, contacts, phone status, user presence, parking and queue metrics (Switchvox), and CD quality HD audio.

Disclaimer: .e4 is a leading provider of all things SIP – You can buy the new Digium D45 in our telephony store at