Switchvox Free Edition Support Customer

Here’s something you don’t see every day — It’s Switchvox Free Edition…  Some of you folks jumping on the bandwagon probably have never even seen this…

It’s a testament to the stability of Switchvox and probably explains why Digium killed it off as these are still out there…  Needless to say, this person received their money’s worth.

Maxed out:

Polycom Phone on .e4PBX Fusion

Here’s a quick guide to provisioning a Polycom SoundPoint or SoundStation on .e4PBX via the phone’s built in web user interface.

Log in to the Polycom phone by navigating to the IP address of the phone in an internet browser such as chrome or Firefox. The IP address of the phone is displayed on screen as the phone boots however, it can be obtained with the following procedure.

  1. Press the phone’s menu button
  2. Press #2 or navigate to “Status” menu with the directional keys
  3. Press #2 or navigate to “Network” menu with the directional keys
  4. Press #1 or navigate to “TCP/IP Parameters” menu with the directional keys

The phone’s IP address will be displayed on screen. Here’s what it looks like on my SoundStation IP 7000.

Once there you will be prompted for a username and passwords, these are case sensitive.

Username: Polycom

Password: 456

Once logged in selected the lines tab and add these settings. Please remember that all of theses are unique to your PBX domain and the passwords are auto-generated when you create an extension. Simply click the greyed field to reveal the unique password.

Select the “Lines” Top Link:

Click Submit

Select “SIP” Top Link:

Click Submit

Select “General” Top Link then the “Time” Sub Menu:

Pick your favorite time server. Our example uses pool.ntp.org with an Eastern offset of -5

Hit Submit – Once the phone reboots you should be all set. You can now test a phone call by dialing any 10 digit number.