How to: Provisioning .e4SIP in Switchvox

Here’s a quick guide for setting up .e4’s SIP/SMS/FAX/Tracking solution with Switchvox. Please remember that with our free test account you will only be able to make outbound calls. If you are interested in testing inbound you can purchase DIDs for $1 per month.

Please also remember that .e4SIP is not just for Switchvox customers, you can use it with any Asterisk based solution and we offer cut and paste configurations for all of the popular PBX variations such as FreePBX, PBX in a Flash, and Elastix. We also support easy setups for FreeSWITCH and FusionPBX or vanilla asterisk (No GUI)

1: Create and confirm your account HERE

2: Grab your SIP credentials in the .e4SIP portal. by navigating to the Configs tab

3: Open the Switchvox admin gui and navigate to Setup > VoIP Providers > Create SIP Provider

4: Enter SIP Credentials as shown below

** Be sure to use your username and password.

5: Set Caller ID settings as shown below. We allow you to set your outbound caller ID number.

Thanks for checking this out – If you need more information or support for this product please call us at 877.434.8647 or utilize out ticketing system which is available from all .e4 web properties.