First Look: Algo 8036 SIP Multimedia Intercom

I had the fortunate luck of having a demo of this device at Astricon 2011.  I fell instantly in love and decided at that moment that I must have one for the front of my house.  I currently have this working with my Polycom VVX 600 phone and Switchvox so that I can view video from the Algo on my phone’s color touch screen interface.

I plan to create a full review of the device (With better pics and video) and outline our deployment procedure here at the .e4 report however, I was so excited about getting my hands on one that I had to show it to you…

For those not in the know, the Algo 8036 combines an IP phone and security camera with interactive kiosk functionality. It can be used indoor or out to provide information and access for guests and visitors. Applications include HD SIP intercom with video, lobby intercom, enhanced courtesy phone, multi-tenant gate or entrance, guest service, and visitor assistance kiosk.

Algo 8036 Features:

  • Sunlight viewable 5.7” VGA color capacitive touch display
  • Integrated camera for still snapshot or H.264 video streaming
  • Weatherproof Wideband speaker and dual microphones
  • Presence detection
  • Secure door/gate management

Also… Static displayed or scroll list menus are easily created using the web tools provided or custom applications may be created to display photos, maps, directions, sub-directories and more using QT based QML script language.

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Photo by Joseph A. Carr, 1975.

A switchboard AKA a manual exchange was once used by operators to connect a group of telephones manually between telephone exchanges or PBX systems.



Sangoma Lyra AMD (Answering Machine Detection for Asterisk)

Sangoma has released their new Lyra software application for Asterisk. This new software provide the most accurate AMD (Answering Machine Detection) engine enabling reliable real-time call classification that drives the efficiency and quality of automated calling platforms.

Why Lyra?

Contact Center operations must comply with very specific rules and regulations. Companies using an auto-dialer solution must maintain a low percentage of dropped calls, following no nuisance regulations, and connecting to an agent in less than 2 seconds. This puts a lot of pressure on existing CPA technologies because many rely on simple rule-based algorithms that provide sub-optimal performance, which in effect lead to poor efficiencies in the Contact Center.

Lyra uses new, patent-pending technology to provide more accurate and efficient AMD. With algorithms based on neural networks and statistical learning, Lyra delivers the highest accuracy and call delivery rates for automated calling applications and ensures fast and accurate automated call classification, which directly translate into improved efficiency of agents and higher quality customer interactions. With a higher automation rate and better use of agent time, this solution can literally save millions of dollars in yearly annual operating costs.

Technical Information:

The Lyra AMD for Asterisk software runs in SIP networks as a back-to-back user agent (B2BUA).

SIP/ Session Control Interface:

  • B2BUA as Relay Server or Outbound Proxy • SIP as per RFC 3261
  • 3PCC as per RFC 3725
  • Sangoma SIP Extensions for CPA

Media Processing:

  • Patent-pending Call Progress Analysis Neural Network – Configurable pre-connect analysis (Internationalpre-connect tones such asringing, Busy, SIT) – Post-connect analysis -End-of-Greeting detection
  • DTMF per RFC 2833
  • Built-in recorder for tuning and quality/accuracy audits

Management tools:

  • Logging
  • Event viewers
  • Automated CSV file generation for quality/accuracy audits


Sangoma has run its own internal benchmarking of various technologies, out-of-the-box, without tuning; using a database of live recordings of approximately 5000 calls. Sangoma provides 15% increase in accuracy over competing technologies. While this does not constitute a guarantee, live deployments should experience similar results and performance over a statistically significant sample of calls.

Ordering Information:

  • LYRAAMD: Lyra AMD for Asterisk: Confidence-based Call Progress Analysis engine; per channel software license
  • LYRAAMDSTDSUP: Standard software maintenance contract priced per channel
    Annual, renewable 5×9 email and phone support
    Includes access to patches and maintenance updates, but excludes upgrades to major revisions

Contact .e4 today for more information on Sangoma Lyra.  Please contact 877.434.8647 for more information on this and other exciting Sangoma products.