Switchvox Release 17269

Released on 2009-04-23

Fixed an issue where Caller-ID was not always preserved with RingAll and external numbers.

Caller-ID for voicemail messages is now retrieved later in the recording process to accommodate assisted transfers.

Fixed various issues for the IVR action Send an Email.

Fixed an issue with special characters in external number entries in the Switchboard phonebook.

The SMS email template now sends text-only email when the subject is blank, and the wav is not attached.

Fixed various issues with peering multiple systems over XMPP

Voicemail audio is again streamed over HTTP, which fixes an issue with IE7, Windows Media Player, and HTTPS.

Fixed an issue where simultaneous IAX calls could deadlock VoIP traffic, resulting in phones unregistering.

Fixed an issue that prevented user-initiated call recordings from being offloaded to an external FTP server.

Added the ability to use the + character in outgoing call rules.

Fixed an issue that prevented Aastra phones with newer firmware from registering with the PBX.

Added the ability to disable fax detection for FXS channel groups.

Resolve an issue that prevented single-digit outgoing rules from being used.

Fixed an issue when prepending a message before forwarding in voicemail.

Linksys SPA942 SIP Phone

Popular amongst Asterisk and Switchvox users, the Linkys SPA942 is Stylish and functional in design, the SPA942 IP Phone is ideal for a residence or business using a hosted IP telephony service, an IP PBX, or a large scale IP Centrex deployment. The SPA942 leverages industry leading VoIP technology from Linksys to deliver an upgradeable high quality IP phone that is unparalleled in features, value, and support.

.e4 is pleased to announce a price drop on the Linksys SPA942 Phone. For a limited time the 942 will be offered at $106.95 – Contact Support for VOLUME Discounts.

UPDATE 10/9/2012: .e4 has an abundance of used Linksys SPA942 SIP phones available at ridiculously low prices. 

Introducing the Aastra 6755i

Popular amongst Asterisk and Switchvox users, the Aastra 6755i offers powerful features and flexibility in a standards based, carrier-grade advanced level expandable IP telephone. With a sleek and elegant design, 144 x 75 pixel backlit LCD display and 6 dynamic context-sensitive softkeys, the 6755i is fully interoperable with leading IP Telephony platforms, offering advanced XML capability to access custom applications and support for up to 9 calls simultaneously.

Check out Aastra's new 6755i phone

.e4 is pleased to announce a price drop on the Aastra 6757i Phone. For a limited time the 6757i will be offered at an unbeatable low price – Contact Support for VOLUME Discounts

Switchvox AA300 SMB Information

Ideal for Medium-sized businesses with a computer rack or shelf space and want the power of a server-class PBX.

Form factor
AA300 Desktop/Rackmount

Users/Calls Supports

  • 1 to 150 users
  • Up to 45 concurrent calls
  • Recording/Conferencing
  • Up to 10 concurrent recorded calls
  • Up to 15 simultaneous conference users

Optional cold spare failover

Subscription Options

  • Silver Subscription Plan
  • Gold Subscription Plan
  • Platinum Subscription
  • Plan Warranty Options

Warranty Options:

  • Standard 1 Year Warranty
  • 3 Year Extended Warranty

Polycom HD Voice Basics

Polycom has once again redefined the standard for crystal-clear, natural voice communications with Polycom HD Voice technology. Leveraging over 15 years of leadership in communications technology,Polycom HD Voice is revolutionizing voice communication and collaboration by bringing astounding high-fidelity to the telephone, creating a richer and more natural experience.

Polycom HD Voice delivers over twice the clarity of ordinary phone calls for life-like, vibrant conversations.It’s like switching from AM radio to CD-quality audio. The difference is so astounding, you will never want to go back to regular phone calls.

This increased clarity enables much more natural conversations, which significantly boosts recognition and enhances productivity. It’s like being in the same room with the other participants on the call. You can hear every word without repeating, which saves time and cuts down on misunderstandings. User satisfaction is also increased by reducing frustration during phone conversations.

As global business and remote collaboration continue to increase, the need for clear communications has become more critical than ever. Accents and cultural differences add to the challenges. The clarity delivered by Polycom HD Voice makes remote collaboration easier than ever, enabling geographically dispersed teams to communicate as effectively over the phone as they can in person.

Polycom UltimateHD

Tomorrow’s opportunities will be seized by organizations of all sizes that can effectively meet, communicate, and collaborate. World-class collaboration requires easy-to-use technology that replicates the natural clarity and efficiency of face-to-face meetings. Polycom—the world leader in voice, video conferencing, and content sharing brings these technologies together in a next generation collaboration architecture called Polycom® UltimateHD™.

Polycom UltimateHD architecture enables the world’s most life-like and engaging experience that makes possible an entirely new class of conferencing and collaboration applications. Polycom UltimateHD solutions, such as Polycom HD Voice™ technology, HD Video solutions, HD infrastructure products, and HD Global Services, give users the greatest visual, audio, and content detail in a multimedia collaborative meeting. This pure clarity, rich detail, and fidelity can improve productivity and efficiency on a scale never before available in either on-demand or scheduled collaborative meetings.

  • Enhances meeting productivity, effectiveness, and efficiency – An engaging, life-like experience allows you to manage globally dispersed teams, speed time-to-market, and build loyal relationships
  • Facilitates a new class of unified collaboration applications ­– Displaying details previously requiring face-to-face meetings are now possible and supported by Polycom UltimateHD applications
  • Ensures a life-like user experience everywhere – Consistent premium experience is available from mobile, desktop, and conference room solutions.
  • Enables the next generation of unified collaboration –Enjoy conferencing, broadcasting, streaming and archiving.
  • Becomes the collaboration core of any unified communications strategy – Leverage and enhance your existing infrastructure telephony and presence-based systems.
  • Provides unmatched flexibility – Supports simultaneous on-demand or scheduled HD collaborative meetings.
  • Delivers quality without compromise – Only Polycom can provide all of the essential elements with best-in-class Polycom HD Voice, HD Video, HD Content, HD Infrastructure, and HD Services.

Polycom UltimateHD architecture provides a structure for solutions to make meetings as timely and engaging as face-to-face meetings. As a result, they are dramatically more productive than traditional remote meetings.

Polycom delivers the best collaborative communications experience for every application bandwidth and price point.

.e4 is a Polycom HD Voice Expert Shop – We focus on HD technology because we love it and use it daily. Look to .e4 for more on high definition voice.

Polycom Siren G 722.1

G.722.1 is a state-of-the-art international standard wideband audio compression algorithm. It is based on the third-generation of Polycom Siren compression technology and is derived from Polycom’s field-proven PT716 plus algorithm. Polycom developed this technology to meet the demanding audio needs of the multimedia community. It provides high-quality audio at low bit rates with low delay and very low complexity. It works for all kinds of audio signals including speech, music, and singing, for example.

G.722.1 provides wideband audio, closer in quality to FM radio than to ordinary telephone.

For example, in a telephone conversation, have you ever misheard the words “see” and “fee”? The “f” and “s” sounds are easily confused because their intelligibility is lost with inadequate rendering of the high frequencies. Such confusion never occurs with wideband coding, because all the frequencies required for speech are now fully represented. The whole audio experience when using wideband is far more natural and relaxing to the ears.

Because of its low complexity (~ 14 fixed-point MIPS, ~ 2 to 9 floating-point MIPS), G.722.1 may be used on a variety of processing platforms from digital signal processors (DSPs) to host CPUs, and still leave ample cycles for other process-hungry tasks.

The G.722.1 standard specifies operation at 24 kbps and 32 kbps for wideband (50 Hz – 7 kHz) and is currently defined in the form of a fixed-point arithmetic implementation. In addition, all licensees also get Polycom’s 16 kbps extension of the standard.

Until now wideband coding was only possible using ITU-T Recommendation G.722 (at double the bit rate of G.722.1) or a proprietary algorithm. This is a big bandwidth saving in any wideband application, and it opens a whole new world of applications.

Examples of G.722.1 and Polycom Siren at 16 kbps applications:

  • Wideband IP telephony
  • Streaming audio (including music!) over the Internet
  • Video conferencing
  • Audio conferencing
  • Audio storage playback (recorders)
  • Store-and-forward messaging (voice mail)
  • Audio-enabling your Web site

Contacts our sales department

Introducing the Polycom Kirk 2010

Somewhere between the Snom M3 Dect System and the Aastra SIP DECT solution lies the new Polycom Kirk 2010 – Research leads me to believe that this sexy little device is just around the corner. A few google search results yield that the 2010 is already available outside of the USA.

This is a Polycom Kirk 2010 SIP DECT Handset

The price point for this device makes it attractive, especially for Asterisk users… The Kirk 2010 will work with all Kirk wireless servers, but, based on price point will find its best fit when connected to the Kirk Wireless Server 300.