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Traverse City, Michigan is full of hidden treasures. Whether you're a first timer, or a long-time local, our vibrant downtown, soothing shorelines, and colorful characters foster a feeling that each day offers the promise of an exciting, new discovery

This place, where the spirit of wonder and adventure is more alive than ever, is the home of .e4. While we do business globally, .e4 characterizes the mystic wealth of our home. From our quiet, undiscovered haunt here in Northern Michigan, .e4 offers an experience as unique as the place we live.

Based on the principle that extraordinary customer service shouldn't be extraordinary, .e4's executive team has hand-crafted a dynamic organization that makes customer service the number one priority. .e4 was founded in 2005 by Michael White, and has grown from an office in a back room in Michael's home to a multimillion dollar company with satisfied clients the world over. Recognizing that voice and data providers were failing to provide less confusing, first-rate customer service, Michael sought to turn his extensive experience in telecommunications and information technology into a company that could fill the existing void. He must be doing something right. From our humble beginning in 2005, .e4's growth has been staggering. As our customer base has grown, so has our family of employees. All of us here at .e4 respect the philosophies on which we were built, and each of us takes pride in improving and perfecting our services. You simply won't find a more dedicated, professional staff. Whether that's because we treasure the place we live, because we treasure the business we've all helped to build, or both, .e4 is committed to being the best.

.e4's leader, Michael White, lives right here in Traverse City with his wife Rachel and their four children – Esme, Georgia, Maya, and, the newest addition, baby Jude. When he's not working or spending time with his family, you'll find him working or spending time with his family. No matter what he is doing, he makes sure that .e4 is always busy helping its customers. Keeping .e4 a family operation is important to Michael, and that shows through in our collective commitment to the company and to our customers.

Why do business with .e4?

We realize you have choices. We want you to be confident that among those choices, .e4 is the right one. Below are a few reasons why .e4 is more ready, willing and able than other companies to provide the support and service you both require and deserve. If you're still not sure whether .e4 is truly the best in the business, talk to a member of our dedicated team to find out how we can provide the best possible solutions to your telecom needs.

  • Always Happy To Help

    We treat our customers with integrity, and we make sure our professional, knowledgeable staff is available when you need service or support.


  • From Experience Comes Knowledge

    We're sensitive to and understand your needs because our support staff uses the technology we sell. VoIP is what we do, and we've been doing it for a long time.


  • We Only Sell The Best

    We offer only the highest quality products from the most respected, innovative manufacturers.


  • No Job Is Too Big Or Too Small

    We are able to provide creative, practical solutions to your telecommunications needs, no matter the size of your business, from consultation and deployment to service and support.


  • Our Word Is Our Bond

    We stand behind the products we sell.


  • We Know Open Source Technology

    We bring to every transaction our extensive experience in serving the open source community.


  • We're Committed To Being The Best

    We take in pride in our work. We are constantly looking at the way we do business and asking ourselves how we can improve on it.


.e4's HQ located in the historic Weaver building in beautiful Traverse City Michigan - The rendering below was provided by our friendly neighbors at Cornerstone Architects- Please check out their amazing work



Our Address:

.e4 LLC
122S Union Street
Suite 201
Traverse City, MI 49684
p: 231.946.4162
f: 231.668.4289