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The 3CXPSPROF8 from 3CX is a complete professional phone system that allows users to manage 8 calls at the same time. 3CX makes it easy to add and subtract phone lines so you can easily add lines as your business grows.

3CX Professional Phone System with 8 Simultaneous Calls Information:


The 3CX Professional Phone System is a highly impressive web-based interface that ensures that your phone system configuration and management will be easily manageable and easily setup. You don't need to worry about learning an obscure, prehistoric interface or pay for the phone system supplier to make configuration changes. With the 3CX Professional Phone System, the power is in your hands and you are able to monitor phone system status directly from your web browser. The 3CXPSPROF8 Professional Phone System allows you to have 8 calls at the same time. 


3CX Professional Phone System with 8 Simultaneous Calls Overview:


With the easily manageable 3CX Professional Phone System users are afforded the opportunity to continue to send and receive calls on their existing phone lines while utilizing a VoIP Gateway. The 3CX Professional Phone System comes fully equipped with out of the box configurations for top of the line VoIP Gateways as well as Sangoma cards. Users will reap the benefits by saving on costs from making international or long distance calls via their VoIP provider. Users have the ability to easily create network-wide least-cost rules that route calls based on destination, which will save you money and streamline efficiency. 3CX gives users tested 'out of the box' setups for the most popular VoIP providers. Scale to more extensions simply by adding SIP phones and configure user preferences with a few mouse clicks. Telephones can be moved around the office without having to reconfigure or repatch anything, which will save you loads of time and make your day that much easier. 


3CX Professional Phone System with 8 Simultaneous Calls Features:


  • Complete phone system
  • 8 simultaneous calls
  • Call switching, call routing, & call queueing
  • Unlimited extensions and phone lines
  • Web based configuration & status indication
  • Receive voicemail via e-mail
  • Monitor users
  • Auto attendant
  • Eliminates phone wiring and make moving offices easier
  • Built-in Outlook, integration
  • Out of the box configuration for many VoIP providers/gateways, Skype, & IP Phones
  • 1 year of upgrade insurance
  • 1 year of maintenance


3CX Part Number: 3CXPSPROF8


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