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PBXact UC 100

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  1. $150.00

    PBXact UC Bronze POMPs for UC 100

  2. $1,495.00

    The PBXact UC System 100 features pre-loaded with FreePBX distro. A dual core atom, single 320GB sata hard drive, and 2GB of RAM are just a few of the features that make the FreePBX Phone System 100 a force to be reckoned with. This system can handle 100 users and 30 calls.
  3. $150.00

    The PBXact UC XactView for UC 100 module gives users a GUI that is simple to use. The GUI is used to edit the XactView settings on your PBX system. XactView is a desktop application that lets users interact with their telephone system.
  4. $747.50

    The PBXact UC Call Center for UC 100 lets users take their contact center to the next level. This bundle is bursting at the seams with a number of advanced reporting tools like QXact Reports, Call Recording Reports, and more!
  5. $69.00

    PBXact UC Queue for UC 100
  6. $199.00

    PBXact Zulu UC brings Outlook and browser integration to FreePBX. Created by the masterminds behind the world’s most popular open source PBX, FreePBX, Zulu UC allows easy communication and collaboration integration with popular applications such as Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.
  7. $300.00

    PBXact UC Silver POMPs for UC 100
  8. $449.00

    PBXact UC Gold POMPs for UC 100
  9. $599.00

    PBXact UC Platinum POMPs for UC 100
  10. $598.00

    PBXact UC HA for UC 100

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