Yealink Adds W41P DECT Desk Phone

Yealink added the much anticipated W41P desk phone to their extensive line of SIP telephones.  The new SIP desk phone brings back memories of the golden days of SIP phones, inducing memories of the Aastra (now Mitel) 480iCT and Aastra 6757iCT by creating a desk phone that supports up to eight adjunct cordless handsets that connect to the desk phone itself using the DECT protocol.

Yealink DECT desk phone

The new Yealink W41P is a bundle that includes one each of the following, a Yealink T41S, W60B and new DECT dongle DD10K. The new desk phone was designed with mobility users in mind and extends beyond the use of a cordless headset by allowing the user to switch between handsets while keeping the features of the desk phone intact. Examples of this are the user’s ability to hold and transfer calls on the fly, a feature not easily accomplished by using a wireless or DECT headset alone.

Yealink W41P

The launch of the new Yealink W41P is another step for yealink, by rounding out their already extensive line of DECT solutions.  Yealink customers can now choose from the Yealink W60P or Yealink W52P to create a robust wireless telephony network without looking to other manufacturers to deploy a mobility solution.

Yealink W41P Line Features:

  • Easy Installation without Wired LAN
  • DECT Technology
  • 2.7″ graphical LCD
  • Backlight
  • HD voice: handset and speaker
  • 4  soft keys
  • 15 paperless key
  • 5 features keys – message, headset, mute, redial, hands-free speakerphone
  • 6 line keys with BLF support in Asterisk, FreePBX etc.
  • Headset support
  • EHS support

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