Spracht Featured Headsets and Perspective

In a world of headset options, we’re always trying to balance price vs build quality and features.  The .e4 internal perspective has always been, “you get what you pay for”.  There have been few areas in our business where this mantra has been a bigger reality than in the VoIP headset space.  For this reason alone, over the years .e4 has almost always recommended headsets from the big 2, as the gap between price and performance has always been so vast. Almost all budget headset options have let us down, and believe me, we’ve tested many.

That is until recently…

As a purveyor of VoIP telephones, customer headset questions are a daily occurrence in our business.  Questions about battery life, durability and  wearing styles sit at the forefront. Once the best product is identified, sticker shock sets in.  They’re expensive and most products require special parts to ensure that they work with your specific model of VoIP telephone.

Introducing Spracht…

As a matter of principle, we’ve been known to eat our own dog food here at .e4.  Products that receive our 100% stamp of approval undergo an extensive test period that starts with us using them in-house.  Spracht passes all tests. Whether you are looking for corded, cordless DECT, Bluetooth, binaural, or monaural. Spracht has a headset for you that is performance driven with a price that is often times just 33% of the cost when compared to the usual suspects.

What’s popular? Glad you asked…

(Corded) Spracht ZUM RJ9


The ZUM corded headset takes in to consideration the fact that not all customers need multiple bottom end types or disconnect options.  This eliminates the need to buy an additional accessory which is a required with most of the big 2 offerings.  Simply plug your Spracht ZUM RJ9 directly in to your Sangoma, Digium, Yealink, snom, Polycom or Grandstream phone and off ya go.  The inline audio control puck keeps it simple, all the while, making its use of wideband audio and an extremely durable mic-boom icing on the cake.

(Cordless DECT) Spracht ZUM Maestro Headset


Durable and lightweight, the ZUM maestro blends comfort and quality with features you’ve come to expect from headsets that costs close to three hundred dollars. This cordless DECT headset works on every VoIP telephone in the market and touts multiple wearing styles like over the ear for those hair conscious individuals. This headset delivers more bang for your buck without sacrificing features.  As an option, Spracht also designed a wireless electronic hookswitch adapter that allows users to answer calls from up to 350′ away from their desks.

(Cordless Bluetooth) ZUM Maestro BT Headset


Not all VoIP telephones are created equally. A good example being phones like the Sangoma S705 and the Digium D65. These phones support an array of features like onboard Bluetooth, thus eliminating the need for anything other than the headset itself. Call control is simple, and the price ain’t too shabby either.

If you have questions about headsets for your Sangoma, Digium, Snom, Mitel, Polycom or Grandstream let us know! 877.434.8647 or sales@e4strategies.com