CNAM Panel for Switchvox

What? CNAM Panel for Switchvox using .e4SIP’s CNAM API call.

Why? Because customer are paying as much as $15 per line for caller ID services.

Who? Anyone with a Switchvox and POTS lines from the usual suspects, AT&T, Verizon, etc…

One of the features I’ve always loved with Switchvox is the ability to create easy to use custom panels for your Switchboard.  They come in many shapes and flavors, I’ve documented quite a few using our handy API.

Here’s a quick and easy way to eliminate costly charges for caller ID name with your small business.

You must have an .e4SIP account —  you can get one free by visiting This post also assumes you know about our snazzy API – You can find instructions for using that with Switchvox here.

  1. Log in to your Switchvox admin portal – Navigate to Tools > Switchboard Panels
  2. Click the “Create Custom Panel” button
  3. Log in your .e4SIP portal and grab your API key
  4. Enter the information as listed in the image below.

Finishing move: Log in to your Switchboard – Assuming you’ve given yourself permission to use the panel you can now navigate to options > panels > CNAM

You’ll now see a small panel that will auto-populate the caller ID name for inbound calls.