Switchvox SOHO to SMB Discounts

Get up to 10% off when you upgrade your Switchvox SOHO to SMB through .e4!

Digium recently announced their plans to eliminate SOHO from the Switchvox software lineup. This announcement left SOHO customers wondering what they could do with the aging software package. If you are one of those customers, Digium has finally announced what the future can hold for SOHO users by way of eliminating the upgrade cost ($1700 for SOHO to SMB). Moving to SMB is simple and .e4 wants to make it easier.

Here’s how it works:

  • Purchase the Switchvox SMB maintenance renewal. (You do not need to purchase the software upgrade from SOHO to SMB.)
  • Purchase one Titanium, Gold, or Platinum subscription renewal for each phone-type extension in your Switchvox.

    Phone-type extensions are SIP Phone, Analog Phone, or Virtual.
    Titanium subscriptions are available only for qualified Digium Partners.
    You do not need to purchase the subscription-level upgrade.

  • You can buy 1-, 2-, or 4-year renewals. Be sure to buy the same number of years for the SMB maintenance as you buy for the Titanium or Gold subscriptions.


  • Buy renewals for maintenance and subscriptions. You do not need to buy upgrades.
  • Do not buy Silver subscription renewals.
  • Do not buy fewer subscription renewals than the number of phone-type extensions you have in your Switchvox. If you do not buy enough renewals, you will not be able to activate your purchases.
  • Your service date will be re-set to the date of this activation.

Once you activate your purchases:

  • You have one year of web- and telephone-support from Digium Technical Support.
  • An upgrade from SOHO to SMB is available in your Switchvox UI, on the Updates page (Machine Admin > Updates).

Wait there’s more!!!

.e4 will offer an additional 10% discount off from the already low upgrade price and offer upgrade support for FREE as an added benefit. .e4 Also offers Switchvox SMB Training for those looking to get fully up to speed quickly.

Contact our sales today for more information on upgrading your Switchvox System to SMB! Phone 877.434.8647

Peplink InControl 2 – Cloud Based Management & Monitoring

Fleet, VPN, Device and Firmware Management in the Cloud.

Peplink has InControl 2, a brand new, bespoke, cloud based device management and monitoring solution for Peplink and Pepwave devices.

Whether you have 1 or 1,000 devices, InControl 2 is your centralized management, monitoring and reporting solution.

Powered by Firmware 6.1
The latest major firmware release from Peplink delivers AP controller support, LAN based VLANs, Captive Portals and of course support for InControl 2.

There’s a lot going on at Digium

Unless you’ve been living under a stone or you aren’t in the telephony know, you’ve probably noticed the complete Digium board refresh. Digium, the corporate sponsor of Asterisk and makers of the very disruptive Switchvox SMB PBX software and appliance line announced several products that we find both fun and exciting.

The Digital Stuff:

Digium TE133 PCI Express Board with Echo Cancellation
Digium TE134 PCI Board with Echo Cancellation
Digium TE235 Digital Board
Digium TE435 Digital Board

It’s analog y’all:

Digium A4 Series Analog Board
Digium A8 Series Analog Board

That’s all well and good… But what are they for? The answer is simple – They’re for Asterisk… What version? Well, Asterisk comes in many flavors even forms. Our experience goes as far back as 1.2 but Asterisk in it’s current state is offered in various versions and dubbed Long Term Support Releases or LTS. It’s my understanding that Asterisk adoption across versions is really a matter of it not being broken so folks rarely “fix” it — This basically means that people aren’t upgrading from version to version because the Asterisk version they are using just works. It’s this concept that spawned the idea for LTS – Current LTS versions are 11 and 1.8 with each having bug fixes with their respectable point releases. There’s also a “standard” release of Asterisk 12

Did you say Asterisk forms? Yes.. There are many ways to get your Asterisk fix. The most popular being an Open Source GUI called FreePBX. This too can be delivered in many flavors. The open source community at large knows a good thing when they see it and other projects have adopted the use of FreePBX. Good examples here are PBX in a Flash and Elastix. There are also commercial “Pay to Play” flavors that provide value add through extended feature sets and support. Switchvox is a good example here, Digium has a far reaching eco-system of developers, vars and integrators who focus specifically on this product. They’ve even launched a series of phones that find themselves right at home in a Switchvox environment.

A note from Digium regarding their new board lines:

In Q4 of 2013, Digium released new analog and digital interface cards to refresh the current card lineup. These new cards are not currently compatible with the publicly available versions of Switchvox. A new Switchvox update, 5.8.1, will support the cards and is currently in limited release.

If you have already purchased one of the new cards and need access to version 5.8.1, please contact Switchvox support, and they will make the update available to you. You will also need to upgrade to version 5.7.3, then to 5.8, prior to upgrading to 5.8.1. You can not upgrade from a previous version directly to 5.8.1 without upgrading to 5.8 first.