Algo 8180: Seven advantages over ATA based solutions

In an IP environment, legacy loud ringers and paging systems can end up hard wired behind ATAs. That might make sense when legacy products are pre-existing, working well, and vendor supported.

But there are significant advantages to deploying an all in one IP solution. The Algo 8180 eliminates the need for an ATA, offering new capabilities for performance, scalability, and user experience.

Endpoint visibility on the network simplifies administration and installation is as easy as connecting the RJ45 jack to your POE switch.

1.Web Interface

Provision and make changes to the 8180’s configuration any time using an intuitive web interface. No need to be physically at the device.

2. Ambient Noise Compensation

The 8180 microphone listens to ambient noise and automatically adjust output volume. Perfect for variable environments like workshops, classrooms, and cafeterias.

3.Effective Ring Tones

No more shrill high frequency ring sounds. Choose from effective wideband preloaded WAV files, or upload your own ring tone effective in your environment or unique to your business.

4.Multicast for Scalability

The 8180 can generate a multicast audio stream to additional network connected 8180s for ring, page, or notification. No central amplifier or paging server required.

5. Paging, Loud Ringing and Notification

The 8180 is a multi-capable speaker, serving effectively as a paging, loud ringing and notification device. Eliminate several devices with one capable endpoint.


The 8180 microphone supports talkback in page mode for two way communication and verification.

7.Simple All in One Solution

The 8180 performs all of its functions as a single unit, eliminating the complication of multi-component solutions and associated wiring.

Update: Headset Compatibilty for Digium Phones

This article makes reference to headsets that are supported on Digium Phones with Firmware 1_3_0_0_53680 or Later

Electronic Hook Switch (EHS serial port)


Jabra, with JABRA LINK 14201-17


Plantronics, with 27190-01 Coil Cable


Previous Digium Phone Firmware Support

Electronic Hook Switch (EHS serial port), Plantronics

Audio-only, Plantronics

Audio-only, Jabra

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