FreePBX Classic System

Here’s a look at the FreePBX Classic Appliance.


  • FreePBX Distro Pre-loaded
  • Atom Dual Core 1.8GHz Processor
  • Dual 160GB Sata Hard Drives (Raid 1)
  • 2GB Ram
  • Single Gigabit Ethernet Port
  • Embedded Power Supply (No Moving Parts)
  • 2 PCI Horizontal Slots For PSTN Expansion Cards
  • Small Form Factor Case
  • 12 3/4″ Wide, 10 1/5″ Deep, 3″ Tall 180 Day Warranty
  • 60 FreePBX Support Credits Included

The FreePBX Classic System is available through .e4

Switchvox 400 Appliances

Introducing the Switchvox 400 series appliances by Digium. As the SMB telephony space evolves users are demanding enhanced features that require more computing power. Some of these features include but aren’t limited to mobile apps, fixed mobile convergence, status, presence, and more. Switchvox has been providing these features for years and future enhancements to the software will require a bit more juice under the hood.

Introducing the Switchvox 450 and 470 appliances:

The new appliance structure will support migration from the older 355 and 305 SMB and have been designed to meet the unique demand of the larger end of the SMB market. These new devices will carry more onboard processing power and ram and will subsequently support more users (Up to 600 on the 470), more simultaneous applications, more call recordings, more concurrent calls and open switchboards.  These new appliances are actually smaller and lighter.

By the numbers:

The 450 and 470 will have 8 and 12 times more RAM respectively than the SMB 355 server and require a new version of Switchvox that I assume has a kernel modification to support the RAM enhancements listed above. These 2U devices will consume 2/3 the space in your rack as the previous redundant model and use solid state redundant drives.

Thing to know about the new Switchvox 450 and 470:

  • Switchvox 5.7.1 required
  • No DVD/CD Drive
  • Uses SSD with Raid Controller 1/0 included
  • 1 10/100/1000 BaseT NIC
  • Direct migration ready from SMB 65, 355, and 305

Switchvox 450 SMB:

Switchvox 470 SMB:

Here’s a video featuring the new Switchvox 450 and Switchvox 470 systems.

Polycom Electronic Hook Switch Guide

This .e4 report entry shows phone administrators and end users how to use a Plantronics wireless headset and electronic hookswitch (EHS) with Polycom SoundPoint IP  and VVX Business media phones.

Some Plantronics headsets enable you to answer and complete phone calls using the built in controls located on the headset. This feature is called electronic hookswitch (EHS). To use it, your headset must include a digital serial control interface in addition to the standard analog headset jack (RJ-9) interface. The serial control interface requires an APP-51 which you can purchased from e4. All Plantronics Headsets that support EHS come with a base unit that connects to your phone. The base unit and headset will connect wirelessly.This enables you to answer the phone when away from your desk by pressing the button on your headset. All of the Plantronics headsets in the guide have a wireless range of over 300′ from the phone.

Supported Phones:

As of 3/14/2013 the following Polycom SoundPoint IP phone support EHS. IP 320, IP 321, IP 330, IP 331, IP 335, IP 430, IP 450, IP 550, IP 560, IP 650, IP 670.

As of 3/14/2013 the following Polycom VVX Business media phones support EHS. VVX 300, VVX 310, VVX 400, VVX 410, VVX 500, VVX 600, VVX 1500.

Supported Plantronics Headsets:

This guide will focus on the PlantronicsSavi 700 series, CS500 Series and Plantronics MDA200 device which enables the management both Polycom desk phones and PC calls.

Please note: Legacy Plantronics Savi Office models such as  the WO100, WO200, WO300, WO350 and Plantronics CS models 50, 55, 60, 70N, 261N, and 351N  support EHS with Polycom phones using the APP-50 EHS cable and APP-5 cables respectively.
Plantronics Savi 700 Series:

Plantronics CS500 Series:

  • CS540 Convertible P/N 84693-01
  • CS530 Over-the-ear P/N 86305-01
  • CS520 Over-the-head (binaural) P/N 84692-01
  • CS510 Over-the-head (monaural) P/N 84691-01

.e4 also carries the Microsoft Lync enhanced versions of the these headsets for those using the MS UC platform.

The following image set demonstrates the proper setup for using Plantronics headsets with electronics hookswitch support and you Polycom telephones.

All headsets listed in this article are available through .e4. Please contact Daniel Bonham our resident headset expert at 877-434-8647 x102 to obtain special pricing and advice on which Plantronics model is right for you.


Switchvox Cloud: What makes it so special?

Straight-forward pricing
While some providers may appear to have a lower entry-point price, that’s not an apples-to-apples comparison – because they do not include their per-feature costs. Our hosted pricing is simple, easy to understand – and includes all the UC features in one price.

Enterprise-class features
Because we’re a leader in business communications solutions, Switchvox Cloud includes enterprise-class features you won’t get with other providers like mobility, unified communications, call recording, advanced reporting, and more.

World-class, pre-sales and post-sales assistance
Before the sale, we will leverage our knowledge and bandwidth testing suite to determine if your network can handle VoIP. This testing will also help determine how many users are recommended and other steps to further strengthen your deployment. After the sale, many hosted providers don’t care about customer service or customer retention – you can’t even talk to an actual person if you need to. That is not the case with .e4. We’re here to help you have a successful deployment before AND after the sale.

Secure and reliable
We have been servicing hosted customers since 2008 with multiple data centers in addition to our main facility.

If you have additional questions about Digium’s hosted solution, please let me know. We’re ready to help you save

SMS Notification with Switchvox

Ever wonder if you could text messages from your Switchvox? If you’ve answered yes you will be happy to know that you can…  Setup is simple and the cost is just a penny.

Objective: Send a text message to one or more people by dialing an extension on a Switchvox phone system.

Here are a few scenarios for this feature…

  • Panic Button – Dial an extension that sends specific emergency instructions to a predetermined contact list.
  • Route Notification – Receive a text message when someone dials a specific number.
  • Call Volume Notification – Send an SMS message that notifies one or more people that call volume and customer service levels have been reached.

Using the API – In order to properly set up text message notification from Switchvox you will first need to understand how to formulate a get request using our API. Click here for additional calls such as CNAM, LRN, and SMS MDR.

The following example assumes that you have an .e4 account in good standing with at least 1 DID.  If you don’t have an account you can signup here.

  1. Log in to your .e4SIP account – If you have an account you can use a simple login string to access the portal.
  2. Access your unique API key.  When logged in your key will appear on-screen.

Sending an SMS is simple. Our example will allow you to send a text message directly from any browser’s address bar. Once you have your account and api key requests can be assembled in the format below.

Short Message Service (SMS)[destination_number]/[caller_number]/[message]/[api_key]

RESTful GET Request

Property Description
[destination_number] Destination Number in NPANXXXXXX format
[caller_number] .e4 Phone Number (DID) in NPANXXXXXX format
[message] URL Encoded plain text SMS message – Max length 160 characters
[api_key] Your API Key

SMS is intended for a single destination number. Please use Group SMS to send a message to multiple destination numbers.

JSON Response

Property Description
Status REST Response
Message Detailed Response Message

Group Short Message Service (Group SMS)[destination_number]-[dst_#2]-[dst_#3]/[caller_number]/[message]/[api_key]/

RESTful GET Request

Property Description
[destination_number] Multiple Destination Numbers in NPANXXXXXX format and separated by a dash
[caller_number] .e4 Phone Number (DID) in NPANXXXXXX format
[message] URL Encoded plain text SMS message – Max length 160 characters
[api_key] Your API Key

Group SMS is intended for use with multiple destination numbers. Please use SMS for a single destination number.

JSON Response

Property Description
Status REST Response
Message Detailed Response Message
Number Destination Number

Now for the Switchvox configuration…

1. Create an IVR- Tools > IVR Editor > Create IVR Menu

   2. Create IVR Action – Create Action > Action Type: Send Call Variables to URL.

   3. Copy Group SMS URL String from above and paste in to URL field.


Understanding the String…

This section denotes which API call you are making – There are other calls that can be found here.  As mentioned, our example here is for group SMS but standard single recipient requests are made using a similar format.


In my example we are sending an SMS to 2318675309 and 5551234567.  You can add as many numbers as you would like while using our group SMS feature by separating each number with a hyphen as we have in the example.


The 2319464162 number is our .e4SIP DID and a required parameter, you can only send an SMS message from numbers that are provisioned in your .e4 SIP account.  If someone replys to this request you will receieve an email with their message. This email will be delivered to the master account email in your .e4 SIP account.

/This is a group SMS test/

This is the section of your request that has the message you want to send. This message length is restricted to 160 characters.


This section is your unique API key. Don’t forget the trailing slash, it wont work without it. The one listed in our example is simply filler – You will require your own key to make this work.

From here there are many options.  In my example I set two additional actions for the IVR.  One that plays the default thank you sound and another that ends the call with the hang up action.

  4. Create Extension: Setup > Manage > Create Extension: Extension Type IVR

   5. Issue the extension number that you will dial to initiate the SMS notification.

   6: Test: Dial the extension number that you have created and Viola!

Contact .e4 today for more information on this and other exciting .e4 Switchvox related features, hardware and services.










Polycom Conference Sale – 1 Day Only

Polycom has announced a one day only sale on their popular SIP conferencing room phones.  This sale takes place on Wednesday, March 13th, 2013. Contact your .e4 sales rep today for more information on this promotion.

Details on this promo:

  • Orders must be placed by 5:00 PM EST
  • Special pricing is only valid on March 13th, 2013

Discounted Phones Include but are not limited to:

  • Polycom SoundStation IP 5000    2200-30900-025
  • Polycom SoundStation IP 5000 with Power Supply    2200-30900-001
  • Polycom SoundStation IP 6000    2200-15600-001
  • Polycom SoundStation IP 7000    2200-40000-001
  • Polycom SoundStation IP7000 with Power Supply    2230-40300-001
  • Polycom SoundStation IP7000 Multi-unit Kit    2230-40500-001
  • Polycom CX5000 HD UC Station Optimized for Microsoft Lync    2200-61910-100


Yealink SIP-W52P and Yealink SIP-W52H

Yealink, like most SIP phone providers has thrown their hat in to the SIP DECT arena.  Late to the game some would say but the arrival of the new SIP-W52P and W52H couldn’t be more timely.

With Polycom shutting the doors on it’s wireless division one could say the SOHO space is primed for such a product. Yealink has already wooed VARs with their cheap pricing and “Good Enough” quality- It’s no surprise that these Cisco wannabees would like to keep the wireless phones in their customer’s networks badged with the Yealink logo.

Yealink SIP-W52P

  •  G.722
  • Up to 4 simultaneous external calls
  • Up to 5 W52H DECT cordless handsets
  • Up to 5 VoIP accounts
  • 1.8″ color display with intuitive user interface
  • 11 hours talk time, 120 hours standby time
  • Integrated PoE (Class 1)
  • Desktop or wall mountable

Yealink SIP-W52H

YES – This is just another SIP DECT system and YES Gigaset, Snom, Polycom and others have been making them for years. NO this doesn’t offer any additional feature that I should get excited about other than PoE and NO there doesn’t appear to be a multi-cell option anywhere on the horizon.