What is .e4?

I’m often asked “What is .e4?” I had a few extra minutes today so I figured that I would share with you the origin of my company name and the thought process behind coming up with it.

If you have known me for any amount of time you know that outside of family and work one of my hobbies / passions is the game of chess.  I’ve been an avid player since the early 80’s and still try to squeeze in a few games a week when time permits.  I’ve been a participating member in one of the oldest chess clubs in America and have had the luxury of being dominated by players that are under 10 years of age that are members of that same club.  Rest assured that I feel pretty strongly about my love of this game and I take it VERY seriously.  Few things get me fired up like chess.  I consider myself a pretty strong player but am reminded often that I am and will always be learning.

What is .e4? Simply put 1. e4 is a chess opening. Considered by most who play to be a good opening. 1. e4 exists when the white player (The first to move in any game of chess) moves his king’s pawn forward two squares.  1. e4 is arguably one of the strongest opening moves one can make and the oldest openings in chess follow 1. e4.  Opening with 1. e4 frees the queen and the bishop while allowing the kings pawn to stake its claim of the center.

Why .e4?   As a young chess player my first mentor taught that 1. e4 was the best opening. For years the international chess community, masters and such opened with e4 and many of the greats still do.   Bobby Fischer rated 1.e4 as “best by test” and IBM’s Deep Blue opened with 1. e4 against the Great Kasparov. My thoughts when naming my company were to give it a name that was obscure while offering a unique look in to my philosophies as an entrepreneur, all the while looking to deliver clients with a competitive edge using simple tactics, strategy, and cutting edge technology solutions.

It’s simple… .e4 is the best first move your company can make – If you haven’t tried it you should.

Thanks for stopping bye,

Michael S. White
Father/chess player/janitor

Pass it on!

Georgia White – Age 2:  Showing the Traverse City Chess Club that she’s got game!

P.S. She opens with 1. d4 – Quite possibly her first act of rebellion.