Switchvox 60 Day Free Trial

.e4 a Digium Preferred Webstore and Leading Switchvox Supplier is please to announce support for the recently announced Switchvox SMB Free Trial.

Order .e4 Professional Services for your Switchox SMB Free Trial and receive a 125% Refund when you Choose .e4 as your Switchvox Vendor.

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Here’s what you get…

  • Turnkey Setup – Don’t have time learn Switchvox? Let .e4 connect to your box.
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  • Discounted Pricing on All Things Switchvox
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  • FREE Click to Call for your website – Give us a call using our DEMO at PBXAPPS.COM

Also Available… Concerned that your hardware wont support Switchvox SMB? .e4 Offers Loaner AA65 Boxes so that you can rule out any issues that may be caused by using “Non-Certified” solutions during your SMB Test.

Amazon EC2 SIP Brute Force Attacks on Rise – VoIP Tech Chat


“Complaints of rampant SIP Brute Force Attacks coming from servers with Amazon EC2 IP Addresses cause many admins to simply drop all Amazon EC2 traffic. Generally, SIP brute force attacks attempt to register various peer names to a system and/or attempt to guess passwords of known/guesses peers or endpoints.” by @teamforrest

Read the rest of the post here –

Link removed as content no longer seems to exist.

My Polycom IP 7000 and Productivity Suite

This is a picture of my Polycom IP 7000 using a Polycom Branded USB storage device that I had to rework as the actual device from Polycom isn’t supported by the productivity suite. I actually dismantled an Iwatsu USB key and forced it inside the rubber Polycom housing… The result? Something neat to look at 🙂


New Polycom Software – Release SIP 3.2.3

Software Releases


Starting with SIP application release 3.1.2, software is being distributed in both a ‘combined’ and a ‘split’ format. Use of the ‘split’ format will result in a faster phone upgrade time. To take advantage of this improved upgrade time, all phones must be running BootROM 4.0.0 or later. In the event that a deployment has some phones running earlier BootROMs, it is recommended that all phones are upgraded to a newer BootROM. If this is not possible, downloading and unzipping both the ‘split’ and ‘combined’ distributions will give the benefits of the faster upgrade to newer phones and still allow older phones to upgrade.

SIP 3.2.3

An updated software release SIP 3.2.3 is available from the Polycom web site:

  • The combined software release SIP 3.2.3 is available from the Polycom Support web site.
  • The split software release SIP 3.2.3 is available from the Polycom Support web site.
  • The Release Notes are available from the Polycom Support web site.

This is a maintenance patch release that includes support for the Polycom® SoundStation® IP 5000 products. The release notes are available from the Polycom Support web site.

SIP 3.2.2

The SIP 3.2.2 release is now available. This release is applicable to all SoundPoint IP, SoundStation IP, and Polycom® VVX® 1500 family products except Polycom® SoundPoint® IP 300, 301, 500, 501, 600, 601 models and Polycom® SoundStation® IP 4000 models. If you wish to deploy this release in situations which include these ‘legacy’ platforms, please consult technical bulletin TB 35311 for important information.

This is a feature release for the VVX 1500 product. It includes significant changes for the VVX 1500 product. The prior SIP 3.2.0 and 3.2.1 releases included the 3.1.3 image for the VVX 1500 product. For all other products, this release is a patch release that includes corrections to issues that have been uncovered in the SIP 3.2.1 release.

Important notes for this release:

  • VVX 1500 products running release SIP 3.2.2 cannot be downgraded to earlier SIP software or BootROM software.
  • Upgrading VVX 1500 products to release SIP 3.2.2 requires a more complex procedure than is typical. This procedure is documented in technical bulletin TB 53522.

The key new features in this release are:

  • Change to the real-time operating system of the VVX 1500 phone
  • Support for the H.323 protocol for the VVX 1500 phone
  • Support for a Webkit-style browser for the VVX 1500 phone

Aastra Enhanced Enhanced Warranty Program for VoIP Phones

Aastra customers can now extend the warranty of Existing Aastra VoIP phones. This is a service that we have been offering for sometime with Polycom Phones. This new service offers enhanced coverage for Aastra phones which can now be covered for up to 5 years past the original purchase date.

Aastra 6739

By popular request, .e4 is pleased to announce an Enhanced Warranty program for Aastra VoIP telephones. The program has two fundamental components.

  1. Purchasers of the Enhanced Warranty will receive Advanced Replacement of the product covered. This
  2. The 3 and 5 Year programs extend the 1st year Aastra Factory. This extension of the warranty will cover the same factory defects as the included 1 year warranty does.

To learn more about this and other extended warranty programs please connect with knowledgeable .e4 rep or call 877.434.8647