Switchvox 4.5 Release 21669

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Switchvox 4.5 Changes and Features:

Phone Feature Packs:
In this release, ‘Phone Provisioning Tokens’ are updated to ‘Phone Feature Packs.’ You must reboot each of your Configured phones if you want to take advantage of the new features.

Phone Setup:

Now you can set an Alternate Host and up to 3 extensions on each phone, and set several new administration options across all phones. (See System Setup > Phone Setup)

Distinctive Ringtones:

Administration – Admins can upload system-wide ringtones for use by Configured Polycom phones. Also, two new IVR actions let admins set and remove a ‘hint’ so that extension-owners can set a distinctive ring based on a caller’s IVR selections.
(See ‘PBX Features > Distinctive Ringtones’ and ‘PBX Features > IVR Editor’)
o Distinctive Ringtones for Extensions (Polycom Only) – Extensions can use system-wide ringtones, or upload their own. They can also create ‘Ring Rules’ that cause their phone to ring differently based on the caller or call-type.
(See ‘Settings > Phone Features’)
o Phone Features (Polycom Only) – Extension-owners can show Extension Profiles on their phone, set the number of line keys that the extension uses, and interact with PBX applications right on the handset.
(See ‘Settings > Phone Features’)
o Phone Features (Polycom and snom) – Extension-owners can customize line labels, auto-answer Switchboard-initiated calls, and disable the missed calls notification.
(See ‘Settings > Phone Features’)
* Extension Profiles with Pictures
Phone-type extensions now include a picture, title, and location. This can be edited by the extension-owner (with permission). Profiles are shown in a new Switchboard Panel, and on Polycom phones that have a Phone Feature Pack.
(See ‘Extensions > Manage Extensions’ or ‘Settings > Modify Account’)
* Language Support
The ‘admin’ user, sub-admin users, and extension-owners can each select a language for the PBX’s UI. Related sound packs are available.
(See ‘Machine Admin > Manage Admins’ or ‘Settings > Modify Account’)
* PBX Monitoring
A set of SNMP OIDs is now published to monitor the PBX server, phone status, current calls, VOIP providers, and more.
(See ‘Machine Admin > Network Settings’)
* Updated Polycom firmware
o Most models: SIP 3.2.2 and bootrom 4.2.1
o Discontinued phones (301,501,600,601,4000) do not receive new firmware
* Updated snom firmware
o 3xx phones: 7.3.30
o 820 phone: 8.2.11
o 870 phone: 8.3.6
* Note
As a result of changes that Polycom, Inc. has made to their VVX 1500 phone, video calling is now available on that phone.