Polycom Launches the KIRK Wireless Server 300, KWS 6000, and the Polycom Kirk 5040 DECT handset

With all of the recent news surrounding DECT and its place in the wireless enterprise. Polycom announced today the first DECT phone to support Bluetooth headsets. In expanding their current portfolio, Polycom has officially made the statement that the Kirk 5040 was designed along with their Kirk Wireless Server 300 as a solution for any sized network, SOHO to enterprise.

Polycom’s latest DECT Solutions:

The KIRK Wireless Server 300, a SIP-based wireless telephony system, is ideal for smaller sized businesses, by scaling support from one to 12 handsets The KIRK Wireless Server 300 is a single-cell solution that can support up to four simultaneously calls and up to six KIRK repeaters in order to extend the coverage area. Each KIRK repeater increases the coverage area by approximately 50 percent.

The KWS 6000 is a SIP-based enterprise wireless telephony solution that scales from just a handful up to more than 4,000 users. Up to 256 radio units are supported, which when combined with the KIRK Media Resource, can support more than 1,000 simultaneous calls. Each KIRK base station handles 12 simultaneous calls, and customers can scale up based on their individual needs. Additionally, KIRK repeaters can be added to increase the coverage area by approximately 50 percent.

Switchvox 4.0 Coupon

This was a legacy post that was somehow lost in the shuffle. Looking back and doing everything I can to remember what I could have possibly been writing about, I am going to assume for the moment that this was some sort of discount code for Switchvox.

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Switchvox Feature list for the AA60 SMB

Here is a brief overview of the features of the new Switchvox AA60 SMB

Ideal for Small offices that don’t have a computer rack and need the space-savings of a small platform.

Form factor:
AA60 Desktop/Wallmount


  • Supports 1 to 30 users
  • Up to 12 concurrent calls
  • Recording/Conferencing
  • Up to 5 concurrent recorded calls
  • Up to 5 simultaneous conference users


  • Optional cold spare failover

Subscription Options

  • Silver Subscription Plan
  • Gold Subscription Plan
  • Platinum Subscription Plan

Warranty Options

  • Standard 1 Year Warranty
  • 3 Year Extended Warranty

Digium Launches New Switchvox Appliances

Overview of the New Switchvox Appliances

The ease of use, reliability, and manageability of Digium’s award-winning Switchvox appliances are now even better than before. How could this be possible? How could you improve upon what are the industry’s best drop in IP PBX telephony appliances? By building on the already strong foundation and taking it that extra step forward.

Across the Board

Before getting into the specifics of each model, we’ll talk about changes made across the entire line.

LCD Control Panel

New to the series is a front-mount LCD built into each of the new appliances. It allows Switchvox administrators the ability to view information on the server as well as issue commands without having to connect to the web interface or command console. Here are some of the things you can do at the LCD panel:

* View System Information
* Configure Network Settings
* Reboot the Appliance
* Shutdown the Appliance
* Reset the Appliance’s SSL certificate
* Enable Technical Support Access
* Restore Web Access to the Appliance
* Reset the Administrator Password
* Change the LCD Password

As you can see, a lot of functions you had to previously perform at a computer can be easily and quickly done at the appliance. With this LCD many a trip back and forth can be saved and instead you can concentrate on what needs to be done: managing the system. You also can economize on space by omitting the monitor and keyboard previously needed to access the server console. There’s one less monitor you need to worry about getting.

Rack Mount Friendly

With the previous series of appliances, you needed to install a shelf in a computer rack in order to house it in a data center (with the exception of the AA300 and AA350, which were rack-mountable). Now, all of the new Switchvox appliances are rack-mountable. And in the case of the AA65 and the AA305, they are also wall-mountable.

Switchvox SMB

All of the appliances now offer Switchvox SMB as their standard PBX.

The New Models

Now we’ll go into the changes made on each model.

Switchvox AA65

One of the biggest changes to the Switchvox small office appliance is the removal of the external power supply brick. Instead, the AA65 has an internal power supply making it easier for the AA65 to be mounted within a standard server rack. Under the hood, the AA65 has 2GB of RAM compared to the AA60’s 512MB. Also, as previously mentioned, the AA65 now comes with Switchvox SMB.

Switchvox AA305

The AA305 shares quite a bit in common externally to the previous version, the AA300. Most of its updates are within the chassis. Inside, the AA305’s RAM has been doubled to 2GB and hard drive space also doubled in capacity to 160GB. An optional kit allows you to mount this on a wall instead of putting it on a rack if one isn’t available.

Switchvox AA355

The top of the line appliance in the Switchvox line doesn’t disappoint with a doubling of its mirrored, RAID 1 storage system to an ample 160GB while still providing the piece of mind of a complete copy of your data on two hard drives.

Now Better Than Ever

With these improvements, especially with the easy to use LCD control panel, owning and maintaining a Switchvox appliance for your PBX needs is an easy decision to make. And with its ability for all appliances to be rack mounted you can have all of your critical systems in the same data-center or closet.

There hasn’t been a better time to upgrade to a Switchvox appliance, contact .e4 Technologies today for more information.

For More Information:
By Phone 877.434.8647
By Email switchvoxwiz@e4strategies.com

Polycom Experience HD Voice SoundPoint IP Phone Rebate Offer: Save up to $150

Recommended Solution for Asterisk and Switchvox Users.

Polycom Experience HD Voice Rebate Program

For a limited time, End User customers can receive a rebate of up to $150 for a SINGLE purchase of TWO new HD Voice equipped SoundPoint IP telephones through .e4.

This offer is valid on new qualified SoundPoint IP products purchased from April 13, 2009 through September 30, 2009. Customers are limited to one rebate claim during the rebate period.

How to Participate

STEP 1 Purchase a minimum of TWO new qualified SoundPoint IP phones with Polycom HD Voice Technology between April 13, 2009 and September 30, 2009. (See table of qualifying products)

STEP 2 Submit one completed Experience HD Voice Phone Rebate Claim Form, proof of purchase, and customer invoice or receipt via mail, fax or email as directed on the claim form. All claim forms must be submitted within 30 days of purchase.

STEP 3 Polycom will issue a rebate check directly to the End User customer within 6 weeks of receiving qualified and verified claims.

SoundPoint IP 450 – 2200-12450-025
SoundPoint IP 450 w/PSU – 2200-12450-001
SoundPoint IP 550 – 2200-12550-001
SoundPoint IP 560 – 2200-12560-025
SoundPoint IP 560 w/PSU – 2200-12560-001
SoundPoint IP 650 – 2200-12651-001
SoundPoint IP 670 – 2200-12670-025
SoundPoint IP 670 w/PSU – 2200-12670-001

Any two SoundPoint IP 450s and/or 550s $100
Any two SoundPoint IP 560s, 650s and/or 670s $150

Polycom Launches VVX 1500

Polycom Launched their new SIP Video Phones today – I will use this page as a soundboard for our experience with the new device an keep all of you out there in voice land up to date on the topic.

Polycom VVX 1500 Features:

  • Intuitive, color touch-screen interface for voice, video and applications
  • Six-line, feature-rich phone with Polycom HD Voice™
  • Instant, one-touch business-grade video conferencing right from the desktop
  • Adjustable camera, base, and display to suit the environment and provide eye-level visual interactions
  • Highly customizable applications platform with open Polycom API , integrated full browser and USB 2.0 for applications
  • Bundled with productivity and personalization applications, including Polycom Productivity Suite, Polycom My Info Portal and Digital Photo Frame
  • Deep IP PBX integration with leading SIP-based IP PBX and Softswitch Platforms
  • Integrated Gigabit Ethernet (GigE) switch for bandwidth-intensive applications
  • IEEE 802.3af powered at under 11W maximum for a “green” world
  • Smart motion detection to enable the screen to go to power-save mode when no one is in the office

.e4 is a Polycom Certified VoIP Vendor.  We offer this and other exciting Polycom SIP Video Phones.