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About Aastra:

Aastra is a leading global communications company providing solutions for small and medium sized businesses, as well as large mission-critical enterprise environments. Aastra is focused on meeting our customers’ communication technology needs while exceeding their expectations for value and performance. We are committed to supporting our client base and the evolution of their systems and networks through the development and implementation of open standard VoIP products and systems, mobility solutions and software applications.

Aastra’s intuitive and effective solutions consist of a full range of both traditional and open standard IP-based networking solutions including; PBX and IP-PBX communications systems, gateways, telephone terminals, VoIP endpoints, wireless products, as well as a full suite of advanced productivity software applications that includes Unified Communications, Web and Audio Conferencing, and Contact Center solutions.

List of Available Aastra Phones:


Aastra 610d

Aastra 620d

Aastra 630d

Aastra 6730i SIP Phone

Aastra 6731i SIP Phone

Aastra 6751i SIP Phone

Aastra 6753i SIP Phone

Aastra 6755i SIP Phone

Aastra 6757i CT SIP Phone

Aastra 6757i SIP Phone
Aastra 9112i

Aastra 9112i SIP Phone
Aastra 9133i

Aastra 9133i SIP Phone
Aastra 9143i (33i)

Aastra 9143i – A1733-0131-10-05
Aastra 9480i (35i)

Aastra 9480i (35i) – A1735-0131-10-05
Aastra 9480i CT (35i CT)

Aastra 9480i CT (35i CT) – A1737-0131-10-05

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All about Gigaset HDSP

What is HDSP?

HDSP stands for High Definition Sound Performance. It’s a new Gigaset innovation that lets you phone over the internet in wideband audio quality – and enjoy conversations in twice the sound quality of a normal phone call.

What are the benefits of HDSP?

Thanks to a frequency band twice that of standard phones, Gigaset’s High Definition Sound Performance phones let you experience internet (VoIP) conversations in unparalleled sound quality. This extended frequency range means HDSP calls can transmit more audio details than ever before, eliminating much of the static and interference common to normal phone calls. As a result, you can hear every inflection in the voice of the person you’re talking to – and experience calls that sound more like face-to-face conversations.

How does HDSP work?

High Definition Sound Performance provides wideband audio quality by using a frequency range double that of conventional phones. Standard phones use a frequency band of 4 kHz, while HDSP capable Gigaset cordless phones take advantage of 8 kHz. The extended frequency range means that when you call a friend or relative who also has an HDSP phone via your broadband internet connection you’ll be able to hear them twice as clearly.

What IP standards does HDSP use?

Thanks to greatly increased data compression provided by audio Codec G.722, you can enjoy HDSP calls in 8 kHz wideband audio – double the bandwidth of narrowband 4 kHz calls.

HDSP also uses a new wireless technology called CAT-iq, which stands for Cordless Advanced Technology – internet quality. CAT-iq builds upon existing Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications (DECT) technology, uniting telephony and the internet in a way that enables a vast array of new functions for end-user devices. CAT-iq offers all the benefits of DECT technology and also ensures compatibility among IP products – resulting in greater functionality.

What do I need?

To take advantage of the wideband audio quality of High Definition Sound Performance you’ll first need a Gigaset HDSP capable cordless phone, such as the Gigaset S675 IP. You can then plug your phone into a router, such as the Gigaset SE366 WLAN, which in turn connects to your broadband internet connection. You’ll then be able to phone with a friend or family member who also has an HDSP capable phone – and talk to them in unrivaled sound quality.

Switchvox Update 18775 – New GUI and Echo Cancellation.

Switchvox Released an update that enhances not only the GUI Interface but
also addresses a few issues related to the Digium VPM Echo Cancellation
Modules. Release 18775 has also addressed some of the timeout issues with
the Switchboard and offers a new blue GUI.

Release Notes:

  • Phonebook entries are now consistently in sync with each entry’s ‘Additional Numbers.’
  • The Bulk Extension Updater no longer fails under particular circumstances.
  • The T1 echo canceler is improved.
  • Updated firmware settings to improve VPM hardware echo canceler.
  • Switchboard no longer has trouble loading panels under particular circumstances.
  • Dates within the Switchboard Panels ‘SugarCRM’ and ‘Salesforce’ are now correct.
  • Graphics for the software and phones were updated to reflect the new Digium and Switchvox brands.

For more information on Upgrading your Switchvox to version 4.0 Contact us @

Old RMA Policy

.e4ï¾’s standard policy for returnable products (hereinafter mentioned as RMA) is for repair and or replacement only. No credits or refunds provided.

Before returning any item, you must contact our Technical Support Department for a Return Merchandise Authorization number (RMA). Please have your Customer Number or Order Number available. Technical Support business hours are Mon-Friday 7am-7pm eastern standard time.  (877) 434-8647 or by emailing support@e4strategies.com. Customers may also use our online ticketing system by selecting the live support icon @ http://www.8774e4voip.com

Once the problem(s) have failed to be resolved through .e4ï¾’s Tech Support Methodology customers will receive an RMA Number to be used for return shipping of the item.

RMA shipments received MUST have the .e4 issued RMA number clearly visible on outside of the package and or in the モnotesヤ area of the shipping label. Items returned to us without an RMA number will be unopened, refused, and shipping WILL NOT BE REFUNDED.

RETURNING ITEMS: (No Problem Found – Ordered Wrong Products – Refunds)

  1.   .e4 LLC/8774e4voip.com does not issue refunds of any kind. It is the responsibility of the customer to research the products that they intend to purchase.
  2.  This exchange policy applies only to products purchased directly from http://www.digiumcards.com or http://www.8774e4voip.com (モProductï¾”). We are not responsible for processing returns for Products purchased from other vendors. All returned items must be shipped in a separate shipping box. Please do not place a shipping label to the manufacturers packaging.
  3. All exchanges must be pre-authorized by.e4 LLC. Exchanges are limited to technical defects with the product. Any Product may be exchanged if it is established and evidenced defective as determined solely by us.
  4. We are not responsible for any loss of the Product once it has been received or installed by the customer. While we may provide customer support for installation of our Products, our support does not obligate us to provide support for third-party operating systems, software packages, platforms, or other products which may or may not be indicated as product requirements.
  5. Prior to requesting a refund, you must contact our Technical Support team, at support@e4strategies.com and describe the problem(s) you are having with the Product or Products. If Technical Support is unable to remedy the problem(s), and is satisfied that the Product is defective, Technical Support will provide you with an exchange once the product is returned to us.
  6. .e4 is not responsible for items lost in transit while the item is being returned back to us for exchange. Please keep your tracking number and insure the item for its full value.
  7. .e4 LLC/digiumcards.com is not liable should you order the wrong product.
  8. .e4 LLC will not issue a refund based on the fact that you have found a cheaper product from another website. SEE #7
  9. Although it is not our policy to issue refunds of any kind. Should .e4 LLC decide to refund your money for any reason there will be a 20% restocking fee assessed to the total amount of the purchase. This includes shipping fees. In the event that your item was shipped international under our free shipping policy there will also be a shipping return fee accessed $50 USD for all returned items. this will be in addition to the 20% Restocking fee.
  10. .e4 is not responsible for errors or omissions in our website as all content is provided by the manufacturers of the products we represent.
  11. There are absolutely no refunds on software or license keys. No Exceptions
  12.  By ordering from our site you agree to these terms listed on our website and return policy.


1.       DOA Items must be returned in the original packaging within 15 days of purchase.  All items returned after 15 days will be processed as a warranty claim should the problem fit the criteria of the manufacturerï¾’s warranty.

2.       Warranty Claims- Any product found to be damaged through misuse, abuse or negligence is not eligible for warranty replacement.

3.       All returned items must be shipped in a separate shipping box. Please do not place a shipping label to the manufacturers packaging.

4.       All returns including but not limited to DOA and Warranty replacement are to be returned to .e4 using an insured/traceable method – .e4 is not responsible for return shipping fees or items that are lost in transit. To protect yourself from loss please be sure to ship the package with loss coverage insurance.

5.       .e4 will provide replacements for all units found to be defective under the guidelines of the manufacturerï¾’s warranty. All returns will be processed after they arrive in our warehouse and will be fully inspected before an exchange is issued. The customer will be notified of the finish status of the product before it is returned.  If product is bad, replacement product will be shipped (ground) to customer with return freight being paid for by .e4. Expedited returns and cross shipped items are paid in advance by the customer for all returns with the only exception being items covered under .e4ï¾’s enhanced warranty programs (TCP)


1.       If advance replacement is required, customer will be invoiced and credit card will be charged upon shipment of advance replacement product.

2.       If any shipping method, other than (GROUND) is required, customer will be responsible for shipping charges.

3.       If product is confirmed to be bad, .E4 will credit all hardware charges back to customer credit card. This process usually takes 5-7 Business days to be reflected in your credit card statement and in some cases can be longer.

4.       All  Warranty replacements will be of like kind or better condition at the sole discretion of .e4

5.       All DOA Replacements will be NEW Hardware of the same model


ATTN: RMA#___________________

333 W. Grandview Parkway

Suite 401


NOTE: When a returned product is received then tested by our technicians and found to be good, customer will be charged a $25 (no problem found) fee plus cost of shipping and product will be returned to customer.  To avoid this fee we recommend that customers utilize all pre-return support options.  If an RMA is issued for a support case with onsite testing documented there will be no $25 Fee unless the product has been found to be damaged through misuse, abuse or negligence. In these rare cases the item will be returned at the customerï¾’s expense with all advanced replacement fees standing.

Cudatel Communication Server – Barracuda Networks

It was announced today that Barracuda Networks has launched a new IP PBX appliance based on FreeSwitch. The new appliance named the Cudatel Communication Server starts at just $1999 and supports out of the box features like Active Directory Integration, Video Conferencing, Wideband Audio, and zero per-user licensing fees.

Cudatel’s Features:

– Automatic Phone Provisioning for Polycom and Snom phones.
– Multi-party call conferencing
– Group Calling
– SIP phone and provider support
– Automated Attendant (IVR)
– Native phone line hardware integration
– Call monitoring, barging, and bridging
– Web-based performance and usage statistics
– Web-based administrative interface
– High definition voice quality G.722, G.722.1, G.722.1c codecs.
– Call recording
– Call routing
– Scheduled call routing
– Follow-me
– Call parking
– Active Directory and LDAP integration
– Local Users, Groups, and Policy
– Automatic Extension and phone number (DID) assignment
– Multi-site integration
– Encrypted VOIP support

Cudatel Models:

  • Cudatel Communication Server Model 270
  • Cudatel Communication Server Model 370
  • Cudatel Communication Server Model 470
  • Cudatel Communication Server Model 670


Concurrent Call Support 10 50 100 250
Conferences 2 5 15 50
User Support Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Voicemail Storage 50 GB 50 GB 200 GB 200 GB
Rackmount Chassis 1U Mini 1U Mini 1U Mini 1U Fullsize
Dimensions (in) 16.8 × 1.7 × 14 16.8 × 1.7 × 14 16.8 × 1.7 × 14 16.8 × 1.7 × 22.6
Dimensions (cm) 42.7 × 4.3 × 35.6 42.7 × 4.3 × 35.6 42.7 × 4.3 × 35.6 42.7 × 4.3 × 57.4
Weight (lbs./kg.) 12 lb/5.4kg 12 lb/5.4kg 12 lb/5.4kg 26 lb/11.8 kg
Ethernet 2 × 100 2 × 100 2 × 100 2 × Gigabit
AC Input Current (Amps) 1A 1.2A 1.4A 1.8A
Solid State Boot Disk * * * *
Echo Cancellation * * * *
ECC Memory *
Redundant Disk Array (RAID) *
Optional Phone Line(TDM) Hardware 4 Analog (FXO) Single T1/PRI Dual T1/PRI Quad T1/PRI
Call Conferencing * * * *
Voicemail * * * *
Voicemail Email Integration * * * *
Automated Attendant (IVR) * * * *
SIP Voice/Video Client Support * * * *
SIP Provider Support * * * *
High-Definition Audio * * * *
Windows Active Directory Integration * * * *
LDAP Support/User Import * * * *
Call Recording * * * *
Performance Monitoring * * * *
Automated Phone Provisioning * * * *
Customizable Branding *



Cisco SPA501G – Single Line VoIP Phone

Popular with Asterisk and Switchvox Users- The Popular SPA Line from Cisco has a few new models that are worth a look.

501G Features:
– Single Line
– No Display
– Wideband Support (G.722)
– Speaker Phone
– Dual Ethernet
– Power Over Ethernet
– Support for SIP of SCCP
– PA100NA (Optional)
– MB100U Wall mount (Optional)


Cisco SPA501G – Single Line VoIP Phone

Popular with Asterisk and Switchvox Users- The Popular SPA Line from Cisco has a few new models that are worth a look.


501G Features:

– Single Line
– No Display
– Wideband Support (G.722)
– Speaker Phone
– Dual Ethernet
– Power Over Ethernet
– Support for SIP of SCCP
– PA100NA (Optional)
– MB100U Wall mount (Optional)

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