Digium launches Switchvox 4.0

Digium has introduced the latest version of their extremely popular Switchvox PBX. In Version 4.0 – Users will finally be on the Asterisk 1.4 code base with enhancements that will extend far beyond the switchboard

In a top secret webinar last week, we learned that Switchvox SMB 4.0 will have integrated video conferencing. For now, the only phones mentioned were the soon to be released Polycom Video Conferencing phone and the Grandstream Video unit- It was also mentioned that Polycom phone currently is NOT working and that hopefully they (Polycom) will fix whatever it is that keeps the device from being completely supported.

In what I’ll call a “Semi-Bizarre” twist, it is also now official that Switchvox SMB 4.0 will support faxing to and from the desktop using the Microsoft Office suite of products. It is my understanding that this will be available with one fax subscription included, while adding additional users will be pay to play much like the current phone provisioning tokens.

Switchvox will also support instant messaging, a feature that seemed like a no brainer to me as the solution has been marketed as web aware for some time now- Adding the ability to chat utilizing jabber protocol (XMPP), to me seems like a home run no matter how you slice it.

In essence Switchvox is has always been pretty sweet- with the addition of fax, video conferencing, and chat the solution is now easily classifiable as bad ass!