Adding a Linksys SPA9xx to Switchvox – WEB GUI Method

With the number of Switchvox Free Edition users on the rise – We at .e4 often like to highlight a device that will work with it. Todays examples = Linksys SPA962, SPA942, SPA941, SPA922, and the SPA921. This example can also be used for setting up a Linksys Analog Telephone Adapter (ATA) like the SPA3102 or PAP2TNA

The following guide will help you set up a Linksys SPA9xx device with Switchvox or any other Asterisk based solution.

Disable the services/applications button on your Polycom Phone

I’ll apologize in advance for the formatting below (read on you’ll see what I mean) Blogger simply refuses to keep the formatting that I have outlined on the “edit post” screen and I am too lazy to tinker with the HTML.
As you may know, higher end Polycom phones have a little button that allows the user to access phone’s Mircobrowser. The Microbrowser is like any Web browser—Microsoft Internet Explorer and Firefox, for example—but supports only a subset of XHTML features. It can connect to Web servers hosted in the Internet or intranet and download XHTML pages. The Microbrowser supports a limited number of XHTML 1.0 features—it does not have full Web browser functionality.
The Microbrowser downloads XHTML content from a Web server into the phone’s memory, then parses the content to identify XHTML tags and renders these tags onto the phone’s graphic display. The appearance of the rendered page depends on the graphical capabilities and display size of the device on which the browser is running. Complicated pages should be avoided on devices with very small displays.
The Microbrowser does not support scripting (such as JavaScript). All actions on data entered into forms is processed by the server using POST or GET methods.
For those who have nothing to connect to on the microbrowser the feature can be disabled.
To disable the “Applications” or Services key:On a 550/560/600/601/650/670, Applications/services is key #29
Replace the following in sip.cfg:
<keys key.scrolling.timeout=”1″ key.x.29.function.prim=”Null”/>
<keys key.scrolling.timeout=”1″ key.x.29.function.prim=”Null”/>
(Be sure to define the x variable.)
Usable Parameters for x Value…
IP 430
29 represents key #29

Switchvox – Why Does it Rock?

If you’ve known me or have been around me for any extended period of time, you know that I am passionate about what I do. As a person that has spent the last 10+ years of his life in and around the Telecommunications Industry I have seen the next big thing in Telephony come and pass more than a few times. For the most part these have been devices, services and solutions that I have been more than happy to attach my cart to.

Enter Switchvox – This little gem came to me through my general Asterisk musings. At the time, much like .e4, Four Loop Technologies was a little known company making waves in a pool crowded with massive companies like Cisco and Avaya.  We weren’t scared and both companies obviously saw this as an opportunity.

Why does Switchvox Rock? Well – At first it was an obvious win for those like me trying to present an early adopters win and present a product that simply made Asterisk appear more polished. It was with Switchvox that .e4 was able to kick open doors as wide as those in the fortune 500 space and deliver a product that looked as good as it performed.  Swithvox rocked because it took the power and flexibility of Asterisk and packaged it with its best foot forward. Its designers understood what companies needed and developed an easy to use interface so that guys like me could make it happen.

Switchvox rocks…  Wont you agree?

If you are reading this post you’ve found us searching for Switchvox information.  .e4 is a Digium Preferred Partner with more than 200 Switchvox installs under its belt. Look to .e4 for information and Switchvox support.

Cisco SPA504G 4 Line VoIP Phone with PoE

It wasn’t long ago that the that some of the most loved phones on the market were also the most hated. These phones wore the linksys badge and were both pleasing to the eye and painful to the ear at the same time. These phones were the Linksys SPA942 and the SPA962.  Innovative in a sense these affordable devices supported a host of features that at the time were cost effect and offered in few phones in the sub $200 space.

Enter the Linksys SPA504G…

This 4 Line device took a seemingly good thing and made it tolerable. In fact, this new line of phones broke the It’s cheap and it does HD voice barrier leading the way for budget devices like the IP 335 by Polycom and the entire yealink line.


Switchvox AA300 Released – Non regurgitated

HUNTSVILLE, Ala., June 9, 2008—Digium®, Inc.,, the Asterisk® Company, today announced that it has executed on the initial planned build-out of the Switchvox™ appliance family with the release of the Digium|Switchvox AA300 appliance. The new product, a flexible, easy-to-use IP PBX, gives companies with up to 150 users a turnkey business telephone solution based on Asterisk software. It is the latest offering from Digium following that company’s fall 2007 acquisition of Switchvox. The AA300 is available immediately and is backed by Digium’s Exceptional Satisfaction Program (ESP) guarantee. Digium has also recently delivered two other Switchvox appliances, a free, downloadable version of the Switchvox IP PBX software and a combined reseller program.

Digium created and is the driving force behind the open source Asterisk telephony project and Switchvox is the most widely used IP PBX based on Asterisk. Last year, Digium acquired Switchvox and has quickly integrated the two companies’ offerings to provide customers with a wide range of options for benefitting from the power, flexibility and feature set enabled by Asterisk. By implementing Switchvox software on Digium appliances, customers now have the ease of use and rich feature set of Switchvox, plus the reliability and convenience of appliances. The Digium|Switchvox appliance family provides options for businesses with up to 400 users, plus an easy upgrade path for growing companies, a money-back guarantee, and subscriptions for professional support and maintenance.

“The integration of Switchvox into Digium has moved ahead quickly, and the AA300 with SMB 3.5 software is the latest result of our continuing progress,” said Joshua Stephens, Digium’s General Manager, San Diego Operations. “Customers and our channel partners are benefitting from the rapid delivery of Switchvox on appliances that can be up and running supporting calls just about as soon as they come out of the box and that can be easily upgraded as customers need more features or add users. The result of all our work is more options for customers that let them get rid of expensive phone systems, yet keep all the functionality of a PBX designed for the largest businesses.”

A Switchvox IP PBX for Every Company
The introduction of the Digium|Switchvox AA300 appliance provides a mid-sized solution for the Switchvox product family. Digium|Switchvox appliances are now available on three systems that provide a fit for a wide range of companies:

The AA60 appliance, which features Switchvox SOHO or Switchvox SMB, supports up to 30 users and is ideal for demanding small offices or home offices that need a professional phone system in a small form factor.

The AA300 appliance, which features Switchvox SMB, supports up to 150 users and is ideal for medium-sized businesses that want the power of a server-class PBX.

The AA350 appliance, which features Switchvox SMB, supports up to 400 users and is a redundant rack-mount server that is ideal for larger customers that want the highest level of performance and peace of mind.

The newly introduced AA300 is a medium-sized appliance that can be used on a tabletop or in a rack. It supports up to 150 users and up to 45 simultaneous calls. It also supports up to 10 recorded calls and up to 15 simultaneous conference calls.

Highlights of the new Digium|Switchvox AA300 include:

Full coverage by the Digium Exceptional Satisfaction Program, the strongest guarantee in open source telephony, which gives customers their money back if the product is defective or fails to perform as described. VoIP ready—No extra hardware is necessary to connect to SIP or IAX voice over IP trunks.

A standard one-year warranty and optional three-year warranty. Support for analog and T1/E1 interfaces gives customers flexibility in working with their existing network.

A choice of three subscription plans to suit every company’s support and service needs.

Pricing and Availability
Pricing for the Digium|Switchvox AA300 with SMB 3.5 software begins at U.S. $4,240, with substantial discounts available when customers purchase the product from Digium partners. It is available immediately.

Polycom Kirk Faq

Q: Is it possible to use Residential DECT Systems in the same area as covered by a KIRK Wireless Server without disturbances?
A: It is possible to use different types of DECT equipment in the same area, but certain issues must be taken into account. Please check the DECT deployment guide here and contact your local distributor or installer for guidelines.

Q: Is it possible to send a text message to a KIRK Handset from a PC placed in the reception?
A: KIRK Wireless Servers have facilities for text messaging. Depending on the model either a V.24 or IP Connection and additionally a third-party application may be necessary.
Depending on the KIRK Wireless Server Model Text (MSF) messages may be sent from Polycom KIRK Handsets to other Polycom KIRK Handsets. Please contact your local dealer or installer for further information.

Q: Can the KIRK Base Stations be painted in another colour?
A: We do not advise to paint a KIRK Base Station. Paint may contain material which can cause decreased radio coverage.

Q: Can the KIRK Base Stations be mounted sideways or upside down?
A: The DECT Radios should only be mounted in their originally designed way as turning them by 180° affect the signal by up to 50%.

Q: We need radio coverage outside the building. Can we place a KIRK Base Station in an outside environment?
A: If a KIRK Base Station is protected against water/rain it may be placed in outside environments without any risk of damage. Please check the individual KIRK DECT product for temperature tolerance.

Q: Is it possible to move a KIRK Base Station to another location just by extending the cable length?
A: It is not recommendable to move KIRK Base Stations to other locations than where they were originally placed. If a KIRK Base Station is moved the radio coverage will be moved as well, and it may cause handover problems between the base stations.
Depending on the KIRK Wireless Server model if the cable length is changed, adjustments will have to be made in the central controller. If, for some reason, you do need to move a KIRK Base Station please check the DECT deployment guide and/or contact your local distributor or installer for assistance.

Q: If using group call (PABX) only some of the connected handsets are ringing?
A: In a DECT system a limited amount of data can be handled in the same split second. Therefore group call is not recommended. We recommend configuring the PABX for circular ringing instead.

Q: I am experiencing one way Audio on my KIRK Wireless Server 600v3 Installation?
A: The Admin Username “admin” and Password “ip1200” must be set within Configuration => DECT => System in order to prevent this.

Q: Since upgrading my KIRK Wireless Server 600v3 to the latest Release the Display Standby Text and/or Updates are shown?
A: Please check the latest Release Notes how to activate Standby Text Updates (msfupdate) and check the Handset Firmware compatibility list.

Q: I cannot find any Software Updates for my KIRK Handset(s)?
A: Please contact your local dealer or installer for Software Updates as these depend on the Hardware Version of the Handset.

Q: Can I use non Polycom KIRK Handset’s in my Installation?
A: Please be aware that certain functionalities may need to be deactivated for the whole system if foreign DECT Handsets are used in a Polycom KIRK setup. Please contact your local distributor or installer for assistance.

Q: I want to install more KIRK Base Stations, KIRK Handsets or additional functionality on my Polycom KIRK Wireless Server 600v3 or KIRK Wireless Server 6000 Installation?
A: Please contact your local distributor or installer for assistance as you may require a License Code.

Q: Where can I find older Software Versions for Products that may have reached their End of Sale?
A: Please check here for older Software Versions.

Q: I would like to develop my own application for Polycom KIRK MSF functionality?
A: Please contact your local distributor or installer for assistance in order to obtain the required Software DLL or check the availability of an XML API on the Support page.

Digium AEX410 – Digium’s missing link

The Digium AEX410:

For those of you following the battle for your Asterisk server’s telephony interface you may have noticed that something was missing from the current offering at Digium. The missing piece was hinted to in the latest versions of Zaptel errr DAHDI and can now be ordered.

Enter the Digium AEX410 – The AEX410 is a four-port, modular, analog PCI-Express x1 telephony interface card for use with Asterisk. the new card is, essentially, a PCI-Express version of Digium’s existing TDM410 product. The AEX410 provides connectivity, via analog station (FXS) and trunk (FXO) modules to POTS. It may be connected to the PSTN, to other PBXs, or to analog handset devices by use of those modules. Optional DSP-based line echo cancellation for the AEX410 is provided by Digium’s VPMADT032 128ms G.168 LEC module.

As always, the new cards can be ordered in our store 🙂

Switchvox AA60 Solution

Switchvox is everything that you don’t expect from a PBX. It’s truly affordable, easy to set up, simple to configure, and a breeze to maintain.

It has features that let your business run more effectively and with fewer hassles. And it does all of this for a fraction of the cost of the PBX dinosaurs of the past.

Switchvox is so much more than just an office phone system. Its a revolution in business communications, putting you in control of your most important asset in business, your voice.

With this incredible leap in technology comes astounding cost-savings for your business, integration capability that you never thought possible, and the flexibility to meet the needs of whatever industry that you’re in.