The IEEE approves 802.11r – Voice over WiFi

The IEEE has finished 802.11r, a standard that affords WiFi devices to more easily roam between access points. This new standard will undoubtedly improve performance of VoIP phones on enterprise LANs.
The IEEE 802.11 standards began with individual access points in mind, but in larger offices multiple access points are needed. Now, VoIP enabled WiFi device will be able to move from one AP to another quickly. The new standard has improved the time it takes a device to re- assocoate to an AP by leaps and bounds- This improvement will certainly improve real time services like VoIP. Standard 802.11x takes several seconds to re-authenticate where the new 802.11r will re-establish its connection in about 100ms.

The new standard, 802.11r, or Fast Basic Service Set Transition, affords the network to with the ability to establish a security and QoS measure for the device at the new access point, before it roams between the two, so the transition can take place in less than 50ms – the standard required for voice roaming.

The IEEE standard 802.11r has been in the works for about four years, and the concept has, but the standard has finally approved. Until now, implementers have been forced to use lower security options on WiFi VoIP (WEP for Example) while putting VoIP on separate VLANs.

Selecting our new VoIP provider Teliax

When we started testing with Teliax I was having issues with the service- Having not contacted support (A common problem amongst know it alls like myself) I figured they were probably out of the running-

Deciding to give it one more shot, I posted a message to their forum which was answered within an hour by David Aldworth. Apparently from what I can gather David is one of, or THE owner of the company. After a few email volleys and a phone call (on Sunday even) David had me convinced that the issue was on my end. And he was right.

To make a long story short- Teliax has been working great for us. Our numbers were ported in less than 10 days , their pricing is more than competitive and the service/support we received has been world class.

Check them out online @

.e4 announces new role as an official distributor of Intertex

Established VoIP Equipment provider, .e4 Technologies, combines with award winning company, Intertex, to distribute some of their most innovative and sought after products, such as the SurfinBird series of Firewalls, Routers, and ADSL – Modems.

Intertex has been developing and marketing communication and security products since 1982. Currently, next generation broadband access products focusing on the SIP standard and person-to-person IP communication are the focus. The products include featured ADSL modems and firewalls prepared for SIP-based IP Telephony, Presence, Instant Messaging and Video Conferencing.

Traverse City, MI, August 27, 2008: Michael White of .e4 Technologies announced today yet another role for his ever-emerging company: distributor of Intertex’s innovative Information Technology driven products. Since 2005 when he founded .e4, Michael White has sought to provide customers – no matter their technological needs and circumstances – with the most reliable, highest quality VoIP Equipment and unmatched service.

A Winning Combination
Of his new concord with Intertex, White says the following, “This new relationship will benefit everyone involved, but most importantly, our customers now have an even greater selection to help us in helping them to build, secure, reliable, and cost-effective network solutions.” Martin Feuk, Intertex Executive Vice President, stated “Intertex is delighted to have entered into our distribution partnership with .e4 Technologies as .e4 clearly understands the VoIP market addressed by our companies and .e4 provides excellent customer service to its clients”.

Intertex is known for its attractive, high quality products, which have won numerous awards, and for being first out with new technology. Innovation, quality and reliability are the cornerstones of their business idea. Michael White recognizes that existing voice and data providers often fail to respect the most important issue governing the long-term success of any business: first-rate customer service and a continuous, dedicated effort in keeping current – even ahead – in an incredibly dynamic industry.

With .e4 as an official distributor of Intertex products, resellers demanding innovative internet connection, security, and VoIP solutions are sure to be delighted by the superiority of Intertex products coupled with the excellence of .e4 service and support.

Creating High Quality Music on Hold files from youtube videos (MP3)

As you may know, it is illegal to play some content over your on hold system. This post will help guide you through the what’s legal, what is not and why.

The following is a brief primer on the various legal issues surrounding the use music on hold in a commercial environment. At the end of this briefing we will cover setting up Music on hold for your Switchvox PBX and also how to convert youtube instrumental videos to MP3 so that you can upload them to your system.

Non-Royalty Paid Music:

This includes music that is piped in over a radio or obtained from CD or online medium like itunes. generally this music is intended for private use and is NOT licensed for use in a commercial environment. by rebroadcasting this music over your asterisk system you may find yourself in violation of the artists copyright. Should you decide to do this the following may apply.

Music that you receive over the radio, or contained on a consumer medium (such as store-bought CD or cassette) is generally intended for private use only, and is NOT licensed for commercial use, rebroadcasting, or public performance.Should you wish to play a radio or some other form of non-licensed music over an on-hold system, the following applies:

Disclaimer- I am no attorney, this has been regurgitated for your perusal from many websites.

The Law By statutory definition, since a corporation or other company is a place ‘where a substantial number of persons outside of a normal circle of a family and its social acquaintances is gathered,’ (17 U.S.C. SECTION 101) it is a public place for copyright purposes. Whether the performance is by the playing of a CD or tape, by a radio tuned to a particular station, or via music-on-hold (which constitutes a public performance by virtue of its being a transmission to the public), permission (called a ‘license’) must first be obtained in order for the use of that music to be lawful, and a fee (called a ‘royalty’) must be paid for such use.

The Penalties Under this law (U.S.C. TITLE 17), allows copyright owners to receive as damages, quite steep in fact for infringement between $500 and $100,000 – Depending on the severity of the violation.

Creating MP3 files for Switchvox from

In most environments you will generally hear instrumental music on hold. Often this is the case amongst Asterisk users. Having said that, Switchvox offers a way to import a codec that allows admins to use MP3 files for their on hold files.

The following .e4 knowledge base article will cover the setup of this feature and the conversion of youtube videos to mp3 format for use on Switchvox Free Edition, SMB, and SOHO

.e4 Knowledge base article

Digium’s biggest achievement of 2008

In 2008 we watched a small but growing/news worthy company get gobbled up by the corporate Sponsor of Asterisk, Digium. In the wake of these happenings we have seen growth in the Swithvox sector of our business as the coupling has given better name recongintion to the solution making it THE Asterisk based solution not just another Asterisk based solution.

Although it has never been a hard sell we are pleased to see that it is gaining speed elsewhere and happy to be a part of it.

TMC Interview with Bill Miller:

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.e4’s role in the big achievement…

Change PBXact Network Settings from CLI



Follow Prompts:

[root@5608102712 ~]# sysadmin_network

*           Schmooze Network Configuration Utility                                         *
*                      Copyright 2010                                                                 *

[0] eth0

Please select the interface you which to change: 0
Please select a boot protocol (none/dhcp): [none] none
Please enter your Internal IP Address: []
Please enter your Subnet Mask: []
Please enter your Gateway IP Address:  []

Setting: eth0

Networking Will Restart.