Boot Switchvox in Single User Mode

THIS DOES NOT WORK…  .e4 does not recommend attempting to hack your Switchvox.

As your Switchvox is booting (just after you have turned it on) press the [space bar] when you see the GNU GRUB boot screen.  The countdown timer should stop.

Press a to add a kernal argument.

it should say something similar to : grub append > ro root=/dev/VolGroup00/LogVol00

Add a space and the word single to the end so it should look similar to

grub append > ro root=/dev/VolGroup00/LogVol00 single

Now press enter.  The system should boot and display a prompt like sh-3.1.


Start the network service.

At the prompt sh-3.1# type : service network start [enter].

It should say
Bringing up loopback interface [OK]
Bringing up interface eth0 [OK]


BLF with Linksys SPA942 and SPA962

To program a line key:

a. Start web browser, and enter the IP address of the phone. Click the
Admin Login link and then click advanced.

b. Click the Phone tab.

c. Find the Line Key that you want to configure, such as Line Key 1. Enter the
following settings:
– From the Extension drop down list, choose Disabled.
– From the Share Call Appearance drop-down list, choose shared.
– Enter the rule in the Extended Function field, as described below.

SYNTAX: fnc=type;sub=stationname@$PROXY;ext=extension#@$PROXYvid=#

Example 1: Busy Lamp Field and Speed Dial:


In this example, the line key is programmed as a shared line with extension 103, Accounting. The button can be used for Busy Lamp Field, speed dial, and call pickup.