Yealink Adds W41P DECT Desk Phone

Yealink added the much anticipated W41P desk phone to their extensive line of SIP telephones.  The new SIP desk phone brings back memories of the golden days of SIP phones, inducing memories of the Aastra (now Mitel) 480iCT and Aastra 6757iCT by creating a desk phone that supports up to eight adjunct cordless handsets that connect to the desk phone itself using the DECT protocol.

Yealink DECT desk phone

The new Yealink W41P is a bundle that includes one each of the following, a Yealink T41S, W60B and new DECT dongle DD10K. The new desk phone was designed with mobility users in mind and extends beyond the use of a cordless headset by allowing the user to switch between handsets while keeping the features of the desk phone intact. Examples of this are the user’s ability to hold and transfer calls on the fly, a feature not easily accomplished by using a wireless or DECT headset alone.

Yealink W41P

The launch of the new Yealink W41P is another step for yealink, by rounding out their already extensive line of DECT solutions.  Yealink customers can now choose from the Yealink W60P or Yealink W52P to create a robust wireless telephony network without looking to other manufacturers to deploy a mobility solution.

Yealink W41P Line Features:

  • Easy Installation without Wired LAN
  • DECT Technology
  • 2.7″ graphical LCD
  • Backlight
  • HD voice: handset and speaker
  • 4  soft keys
  • 15 paperless key
  • 5 features keys – message, headset, mute, redial, hands-free speakerphone
  • 6 line keys with BLF support in Asterisk, FreePBX etc.
  • Headset support
  • EHS support

.e4 is a certified online resource for Yealink DECT Desk phones.  Contact us via our live support interface or call or expert team at 877.434.8647 for details and discounts.  You can also create an account on our website here. Most discountable items are updated automatically.



New Digium A-Series Phones

Digium has released a new line of SIP telephones designed to meet the most demanding needs of Asterisk users. These new telephones offer unique features to all user group segments and allow for tight integration with Asterisk based phone systems.


The lineup:

Digium A30: Executive gigabit phone with 6 lines, color LCD display, a directions key for accessing contacts, and 2 switched 10/100/1000 Ethernet ports.

Digium A25: Intermediate gigabit phone with 4 lines, two color LCD displays, a scroll key for contact access, and 2 10/100/1000 Ethernet ports.

Digium A22: Entry level phone with 2 lines, color display, and two 10/100/1000 Ethernet ports.

Digium A20: Entry level phone with 2 lines, color display, and two 10/100 Ethernet ports.

Why Asterisk? Asterisk allows linux admins, tech gurus, and telephony hobbyists to build a flexible call platform with all the features you’ve come to expect from an enterprise level phone system. Contact our team of Asterisk experts to learn more about the Digium A-Series telephones and how they can fit in to your growing Asterisk environment.


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Digium Gigabit Phone Promotion


.e4 and Digium are partnering up to offer end-user rebates on Digium’s popular line of Gigabit VoIP Phones for Asterisk. The popular devices are being offered through March on all phones and Asterisk systems using the Digium Phone Module for Asterisk (DPMA).

Rebates are available for:

Please note:  The phones do not include the power supply this is ordered separately.

To take advantage of the rebate please contact or perform the following steps.

  1. Log into
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  3. Receive confirmation email and license key
  4. Download registration utility from
  5. Run utility
  6. Download and complete the rebate form here and provide to Digium with phone purchase invoice.

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Polycom VoIP Phone Provisioning Server

DISCLAIMER:  The instructions below have been tested are are confirmed as a way to fix your Polycom SIP telephone when encountering errors related to firmware and or provisioning issues.  This is a way to reset SoundPoint, SoundStation and Polycom VVX SIP telephones. With that being said .e4 is not liable or responsible if you can’t figure it our OR brick your phone.

Welcome to the Polycom VoIP Phone Provisioning Server

Getting Started

This is a publicly accessible server intended only for use of provisioning, upgrading, or downgrading the software of Polycom IP phones with stock Polycom software and configuration files.

Multiple ‘stock’ directories exist with different versions of SIP, UC, and BootROM software, and are named according to the SIP or UC software version contained within. These directories are completely Stock; no changes should be made to any configuration files within.

Each directory contains an ABOUT.TXT to indicate which SIP and BootROM software versions exist within that directory.

To Provision Your Polycom VoIP Phone:

1.       From the phone’s local menu interface, press Menu > Settings > Advanced (default password: 456) > Administration Settings > Network Configuration >

Server Menu.

2.       Configure your DHCP menu:

On 3.x Phones: Main Menu > Settings > Advanced > Admin Settings > Network Configuration > DHCP Menu

On 4.x/5.x phones: Main Menu > Settings > Advanced > Admin Settings > Network Configuration > Provisioning Server > DHCP Menu set the following:

Boot Server: Static

BootSrv Type: IP Address (Once phone is upgraded, please remove the IP address from the phone!!!)

3.       From the Provisioning Server menu set: Server Type: HTTP

4.      Next input Server Address as or IP Example to load the latest SIP 4.08 =

a.       Note can be entered in IP form, enter: Example for convenience.

5.      Unless otherwise instructed by VoIP Support, do not change Server User or Password.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Using this server to provision your phone will erase all preferences and will restore all settings to their Factory Default Values! ALL SETTINGS WILL BE LOST!!

MOCET Enters Market with New IP Entry System

Mocet, makers of the communicator the iPad communicator have released a new IP video intercom system. This new video phone was designed to meet both the needs of modern residential deployments and businesses alike.

MOCET T-300 Smart Bell System Overview:


The Mocet T-300 system was designed with mobility in mind and consists of three separate components.  Visitors can communicate directly via a weatherproof outdoor IP phone to internal station host displays or directly to smartphones utilizing the MOCET ipad, iphone, or Android apps dubbed “Smart Bell App”.

MOCET IP-5800 10″ IP Station HostMocet 10" wallmountable IP door phone display

This device was designed to allow users to deploy wall mountable panels where internal calls will terminate. This IP door panel can be used in conjunction with iphone, ipad, or Android devices for a mix of viewing options.

  • USB 2.0
  • microphone
  • speaker phone
  • 2 watt speaker output
  • on/off switch
  • reset button
  • HDMI output
  • SD card reader
  • 10″ touch screen
  • mountable
  • works with MOCET and other VoIP phones
  • built in web browsing
  • media playback
  • image capture
  • messenger recorder

MOCET P-5813 SIP Outdoor Phone

MOCET IP Video Door Phones
It supports SIP


  • supports RFID reader
  • door strike optional
  • VoIP enabled (SIP)
  • power over ethernet
  • night functional led
  • remote monitor function

MOCET IP-5858 e-gateway


This device is apparently the brains of the operation. This z-wave supporting device resides in the network, supports SIP and various input and device outputs. It’s being reported that this IP device can work with various alarm companies to support full home automation.

Contact .e4 today for more information on this and other exciting home automation and VoIP door phone solutions.